Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
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Auction Lots - Page 15
Click to view full image... Suffolk - Ipswich. 1840 (Aug 18) 1d Mulready lettersheet with R. Hooper & Sons advert advising that Mr T. Fenn will call in a few days (S.G MA 440), posted from Ipswich to Hooper & Sons in London, presumably originally containing an enclosure as it weighed over ½oz, the second 1d paid in cash with a fine circular framed "PAID / 1" at upper right (SK 213) in red, matching the Maltese Cross cancel, a framed London arrival datestamp on the front, backstamped at Ipswich. Two vertical folds and light circular stain, still attractive and very scarce. Photo on Page 254. £500-600
  Surrey - Godalming / Guildford. 1840-42 Entire letters from Guildford or Godalming both with similar "P1" handstamps in red with ornate loops to the "P", clearly both made by the same person, the Guildford mark with the "1" 20mm long and 3mm from the "P" (SY 408), the Godalming handstamp with the "1" 16mm long and 5mm from the "P". Three other very similar "P1" handstamps are recorded for Surrey (two used at Godalming and one at Ripley) but this Godalming handstamp is unlisted in the British County Catalogue. (2). £120-150
  Sussex - Brighton. 1841-42 Entire letters to London with oval framed "PD1", one unusually with this crossed out and replaced by "PD2" (SX 226/8). (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Sussex - Chichester. 1840 (July 28) 1d Mulready lettersheet stereo A36 posted from Wellington, Shropshire, to Chichester and redirected to Newcastle Under Lyne cancelled by a red Maltese Cross with Wellington, Birmingham and London backstamps, handstamped by red double oval "MISSENT / TO / BIRMINGHAM". New postage of 1d paid upon redirection with a red handstruck "1" (SX 360) and a Chichester c.d.s, a red London "Paid" tombstone datestamp applied in transit on the front. A superb Mulready with a very scarce combination of 1d paid and missent handstamps, with David Brandon (1999) and Martin Eichele (2011) Certificates (the Brandon certificate not mentioning the handstruck "1", the Eichele certificate wrongly stating it was because the Mulready was overweight). Photo on Page 254. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... Sussex - Hastings. 1845-49 Entire letters to London handstamped curved "PAID / 1d" (SX 630) or over ½oz with very scarce "2" handstamp (SX 634) both in red. A fine pair, very few examples of the 2d handstamp recorded. (2). Photo on Page 254. £200-250
Click to view full image... Sussex - Hastings. 1846 (Apr 23) Cover to France with curved "PAID / 1D" unusually applied in black (SX 630, unrecorded in this colour), the "1d" crossed out with a manuscript endorsement at left showing a prepayment of 10d (5d British postage + 5d to France), red oval framed "P-D" (possibly applied at Dover), datestamps of Hastings and Boulogne. An exceptional use of an altered "Paid 1d" handstamp on mail to abroad prepaid in cash, almost certainly unique from Hastings. Photo on Page 254. £200-250
  Sussex - Horsham. 1842 Entire to Wakefield with red "1" (SX 697); and 1848 printed entire letter (to the Electors of the Borough of Horsham, from their M.P. Lord Howard elected after petitioning against the return at the last election), with red "1" (SX 699, hooked top worn away), sent to Lord Howard in London and redirected to Glossop with a 1d red (4 margins). (2). £120-140
  Sussex - Wadhurst / Ticehurst. 1840 Entire letters to Mayfield with "WADHURST" undated circle and red boxed "P.1d" (SX 1249), Hurst Green and Uckfield transit datestamps; or to Rye with "Ticehurst / Penny Post", red boxed "P1" (SX 1212) and Lamberhurst transit c.d.s, endorsed "More to Pay 2". The Wadhurst handstamp very fine, the Ticehurst mark lightly struck but clear, two scarce handstamps. (2). £120-140
Click to view full image... Sussex - Worthing. 1840 (July 2) 1d Mulready envelope stereo A135 from Bury St. Edmunds to Worthing with red Maltese Cross, and a "Paid" tombstone datestamp on the front applied in transit in London, redirected from Worthing to the Junior United Services Club in London paid 1d in cash, with a fine "1" handstamp with distinctive sloping top (SX 1325, similar to other "1" handstamps used at the Sussex towns of Crawley and Horsham, all probably made by the same person). A fine and rare use of a "1" handstamp in red on a redirected Mulready, probably unique from Worthing. Photo on Page 254. £650-750
  Sussex. 1840-49 Entire letters (5) and a front with red "1" handstamps of Crawley (SX 398, written at Gatwick), Petworth (SX 984), Chichester (SX 360), Bognor (SX 122), Arundel (SX 44, front only) or "P.1" of Robertsbridge (SX 1023), a useful group. (6). £200-250
Click to view full image... Warwickshire - Warwick. 1840 (Aug 27) Entire letter from Warwick to London with red "P1" handstamp (WA 426, 25mm high), the letter then turned and rewritten and again posted to the same address in London, sent from Weymouth franked by a 1d black (HB plate 4, four large margins) tied by a red Maltese Cross. A very unusual entire posted twice with stamp and cash prepayments, folded to display both address panels. Photo on Page 254. £500-600
Click to view full image... Wiltshire - Marlborough. 1840 Entire letters to the same address in Salisbury with large red "PAID / 1" (WL 451) or "PAID / 2" (WL 452), a magnificent pair, both exhibition quality, the 2d handstamp used on letters over ½oz very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 256. £300-350
Click to view full image... Wiltshire - Marlborough. 1844 (Nov 8) Entire to France handstamped in error with red "PAID / 1" (WL 454) which was crossed out, a Sunday "Paid" tombstone datestamp applied in transit in London (in error, presumably due to confusion caused by the original Marlborough Paid handstamp), correctly treated as unpaid in France and charged 12 decimes at St. Malo. An unusual and attractive error. Photo on Page 256. £160-180
Click to view full image... Wiltshire - Salisbury. 1846-49 Entire letters both with red handstruck "1" (WL 672), Salisbury datestamps in red or black alongside, the 1849 letter with the "1" handstamp altered to "2" in manuscript. An extraordinary alteration, believed to be the only such usage recorded from any English town. (2). Photo on Page 256. £250-300
Click to view full image... Yorkshire - Millbridge. 1843 (Mar 28) Entire letter to Congleton with "MILLBRIDGE" undated circle and a handstruck "1" in a matching red, Leeds transit datestamp. An exceptionally unusual "1" handstamp from such a small hamlet, a sub-office at Leeds, not recorded in the British County Catalogue and the only example found so far. Photo on Page 256. £250-300
Click to view full image... Yorkshire - York. 1840 (Apr 14) Entire posted within York handstamped red "Pd 1" (YK 3342), redirected the following day to Durham with a further 1d paid, shown by a second strike of the same "Pd 1" handstamp in red. An extraordinary use of two strikes of the same Paid 1d handstamp to indicate separate payments upon posting and redirection. Photo on Page 256. £240-280
  Yorkshire - York. 1843-48 Entire letters with red circular framed "YORK / 1d / PAID" (YK 3345), similar "YORK / 2d / PAID" (YK 3354) or large unframed "Pd 2" (YK 3353) all in red, the scarce 2d handstamps used on letters over ½oz, all fine. (3). £200-240
Click to view full image... Wales - Beaumaris. 1841 (Apr 1) Entire letter to Liverpool with fine red "PAID AT / BEAUMARIS / 1" (W 305), one of the most unusual and distinctive Uniform Penny Post 1d paid marks with the "1" an integral part of a single handstamp. Very scarce so fine. Photo on Page 256. £180-220
  Wales - Aberystwyth / Haverford West. 1843-44 Entire letters with distinctive "PAID / 1D" within a shield, struck in red at Aberystwyth (W 125) or Haverford West (W 1082), both handstamps clearly made by the same maker. (2). £160-180
Click to view full image... Scotland - Blair Adam. 1840 (Feb 6) Entire letter to London with a red handstruck "1" (KS 5, two years earlier than recorded by Auckland), crossed out and replaced by scarce red "2", red boxed Blair Adam datestamp and Paid datestamps of Edinburgh and London. Central vertical fold, otherwise fine and a very unusual alteration in the prepaid charge. Photo on Page 256. £140-160
Click to view full image... Scotland - Edinburgh Late Fee. 1840 (July 15) Entire from Edinburgh to Aberdeen franked by an 1840 2d blue (GL, four margins, close at lower left, large margins on other sides) tied by a red Maltese Cross, 1d late fee paid in cash for posting up to one hour after the mailbags for the Aberdeen coach had been closed, shown by red boxed "PAID / 1D EXTRA". Refolded at left with a couple of light creases well away from the stamp, a scarce late fee handstamp on an 1840 2d blue cover. Photo on Page 256. £500-600
Click to view full image... Scotland - Edinburgh Late Fee. 1848 (June 14) Entire letter to London franked by a 1d red, 6d late fee paid in cash, shown by red boxed "PAID / 6D / EXTRA". The mailbags for London closed at 6pm for an 8pm departure, letters being accepted between 6pm and 7pm for a late fee of 1d and between 7pm and 7.20pm for a late fee of 6d. Very scarce, few examples of the 6d late fee handstamp recorded, the fee representing an enormous premium on the 1d postage. Pressed horizontal fold with a little toning, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 258. £180-220
Click to view full image... Scotland - Falkland. 1844 (Nov 8) Entire to Kirkcaldy endorsed by the sender "Paid at Falkland", with a red Falkland datestamp and two adjacent boxed "1" handstamps indicating a paid charge of 2d, the letter being over ½oz, with a Kettle transit datestamp. This boxed "1" handstamp was issued to the Falkland Penny Post as a receiving house mark but was uniquely used as a paid handstamp from 1840. An exceptional use of two adjacent handstamps to indicate a 2d charge, almost certainly unique. Photo on Page 258. £350-450
Click to view full image... Scotland - Galashiels. 1840-41 Entire letters to Melrose with red handstruck "1" or "2" alongside a Galashiels datestamp, also an 1845 unpaid entire letter with a differing "2" handstamp in black (this handstamp originally made in 1838 for the local post). A fine trio, the "1" handstamp the standard type made by Kirkwood, the red "2" an unusual and distinctive locally made type. (3). Photo on Page 258. £180-200
Click to view full image... Scotland - Haddington. 1840 (Feb 18) Long entire letter to Edinburgh handstamped red "4" alongside a Haddington c.d.s. A unique use of the "4" handstamp made for the Uniform 4d Post used as a prepaid handstamp in red during the Uniform Penny Post period (this mark also known used in black in 1847 as a postage due mark on an unpaid letter). An important and exceptional item. Photo on Page 258. £1,800-2,000
Click to view full image... Scotland - Kirkwall. 1845 (Aug 9) Entire letter to Lerwick with "On Her Majesty's Service / PROPERTY TAX" printed heading, over ½oz, prepaid with a fine red "2" (OK 35) and boxed Kirkwall datestamp. A fine locally made "2" handstamp and an unusual entire from Orkney to Shetland Islands. Photo on Page 258. £120-140
Click to view full image... Scotland - Kirkwall. 1841 (Apr 20) Entire letter to New York prepaid 1/- in cash, with red boxed "PAID" (OK 25, only recorded 1841) and handstruck "1" altered to 1/- in manuscript. An exceptional use of the "1" handstamp, the only such alteration in the charge recorded from Scotland. Photo on Page 258. £250-300
  Scotland - Golspie. 1842 (May 19) Entire letter written at Lochinver but posted from Golspie to Dingwall with red circular framed "PAID" (SU 52) alongside a handstruck "1", redirected to Lochalsh charged 1d. £100-120
Click to view full image... Scotland - Lochgilphead. 1845 (Jan 30) Entire letter to Inverary, over 1oz weight, prepaid 4d in cash with a red "4" handstamp made from four strikes of a "1" handstamp. An extraordinary composite "4" handstamp, one of just two recorded examples from Lochgilphead (with one other known from Stewarton), fine and rare. Photo on Page 258. £1,400-1,600
Click to view full image... Scotland - Mauchline. 1840 (May 22) Entire letter to Edinburgh, over 1oz so prepaid 4d with a red handstruck "4", Mauchline and Edinburgh Paid datestamps. Just four offices in Scotland used "4" handstamps in the Uniform Penny Postage Period, Lochgilphead and Stewarton making composite marks from "1" handstamps and Haddington reusing its 4d Post Mark, Mauchline being the only office to use a totally new and specially made "4" handstamp. An important and very rare item, just two examples recorded (both used in 1840), exhibition quality. Photo on Page 260. £1,500-1,800
  Scotland - Rhynie. 1843 Entire letters to Aberdeen, the first with straight line "RHYNIE" and "PAID. 1d" both in black, the second with "RHYNIE" undated circle in black and the straight line "PAID. 1d" in red. The Paid 1d was unusually struck in black from 1841 until 1843, with red ink then used from 1843 until 1849. Both with a vertical fold, otherwise a fine pair. (2). £150-180
  Scotland - Stonehaven. 1840 (June 1) Part entire (lower flap removed) with red "PD.1", and 1848 (June 3) entire with red "PAID". The "PD.1" handstamp one of three recorded examples used in May-July 1840, the 1848 Paid handstamp the only example recorded by Auckland. A very scarce pair. (2). £180-220
  Ireland - Ballymena. 1841-44 Entire letters to Ballymena with boxed "PAID AT / BALLYMENA" in red or blue, the first also with scarce red "d/1", the second with the 1d payment shown in manuscript. (2). £120-150
  Ireland - Derry. 1841-46 Entire letters with red "PAID AT DERRY / 1d" handstamps in three differing sizes, two to Dublin also with the 1d charge shown in manuscript, one also with red "B / LATE MAIL". (3). £120-150
Click to view full image... Ireland - Dublin. 1840 (Apr 15) Entire from Dublin to Cahir endorsed "PP2", the 2d charge shown by two adjacent "22 / PAID 1d" handstamps in red. A remarkable use of two 1d handstamps for a 2d charge, the only such Irish use recorded with just two other similar usages seen from Scotland. Photo on Page 260. £350-450
  Ireland - Dundalk. 1844-49 Entire letters handstamped red "PAID AT DUNDALK / 1d" or "1 Pd", this last mark only used in 1848-49. (2). £100-120
  Ireland - Enniskillen. 1840 (Apr 5) Entire letter to Leeds Castle in Kent with red boxed "Paid at / Enniskillen", a distinctive handstamp with curved ends similar to the earlier Enniskillen Penny Post handstamps, probably locally produced by the same maker. £80-100
  Ireland - Portglenone. 1840 (July 14) Entire to Garva with red "1 Pd" handstamp, fine and scarce. £100-120

(Also See Lots 980-999, 1351, 1376)

  Post Office Notices - Australia & New Zealand. 1871-72 Post Office Notices announcing the despatch of mails from London to New Zealand via San Francisco (3), mails to Australia via Southampton or Brindisi (2), or the despatch of both New Zealand and Australia mails, each notice 28x42cm, all differing printing dates, fine. Also the Daily Packet List for September 1849 detailing the departure and arrival of packets at London, Southampton, Falmouth, Liverpool or Dover, and private ships carrying mail. (7). £250-300
  1803-80 Entire letters and covers including 1803 letter from Lord Minto regarding troop movements, 1843 letter with 1d red pair each tied by No. "8" in Maltese Cross, 1856 letter to Sydney "P. Morning Light" bearing 6d embossed (cut square, just touched two sides), 1858 cover to Germany bearing 2d (2) + 4d, 1860 cover to India bearing 1d + 2d + 6d, 1876 cover to USA bearing 1870 ½d vertical strip of five, etc. (12). £160-200
  1840 (May 28) 1d Mulready lettersheet used from London to Devon, and a cover (June 27) posted within London bearing a 1d black (RE plate 5, three margins, just touched at upper right) both with fine red Maltese Crosses. (2). £140-160
Click to view full image... 1853 Entire letter from Leeds to Poste Restante at Florence franked by a 1d red (faults) cancelled "447", redirected to Rome and then to Geneva, various rates and handstamps, a large "Poste Sarde" label applied to the front in transit at Chamberey showing a charge of 2.5 Lire due up to that point. An unusual item with a scarce early postage due label. Photo on Page 260. £150-180

  1846-1911 Covers and cards (34), also a few fronts, pieces and a packet of revenue stamps, including 1846 cover to France with 1d red cancelled by "158" numeral of Cambridge and French entry datestamp, charged 8c; also London missent marks, machines, Liverpool sloper cancel on ½d postcard, etc. (34+). £140-160

AIR MAILS - See Lots 74, 77-99, 101, 105, 119-122, 131, 133, 141, 151,163, 187-191, 200, 202/3

The following collection contains a good range of Maltese Crosses including the finer of just two recorded Tadcaster covers, experimental pin cancels of London, Liverpool and Salisbury, and exceptional early machines with the French machine of Liverpool, third Pearson Hill trial, 1870 Azemar postcard machine trial, Malin postcard trial, rarer Hosters, Empire machine flag cancel, and the Vaile's machine trial. The collection offers a rare opportunity to acquire some exceptional items, some of which have not appeared on the market for a considerable number of years.

  1851 1d Pink postal stationery envelope cancelled by "SILSOE" undated circle with a further superb strike on the reverse, the stamp then further cancelled in transit by the "20" numeral of Ampthill, very unusual. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1841 1d Reds, selected cancellations on stamps (15), pieces (3) and a cover, the stamps including boxed "No. 1" of Littlehampton (4) or blue boxed "PYP / No. 15" of Handsworth with a Maltese Cross, inspectors mark with a numeral in green, town datestamps of Lyme, Wincanton or Dorchester (3), and "Hithe / Penny Post" with a Maltese Cross; pieces include "Poulton / Penny Post" with a Maltese Cross or boxed "Mottram / P.P" with a Maltese Cross; also a cover from Lancaster with a numeral cancel apparently in red but with R.P.S Certificate stating "mixed ink obliteration cannot be certified as red". An interesting group, some faults, eight with four margins. (19). Photo on Page 232. £350-400
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Cancellations on 1854-61 perforated line engraved issues including 1d with Pearson Hill "Opera Glass" machine (trimmed perfs at base), Liverpool "466" experimental numeral with six pins around the number (unknown on cover), 1862 International Exhibition duplex (on piece), "RLB" Returned Letter Branch obliterator (on 1d pair), 2d with "LIVERPOOL" triple arc experimental dotted datestamp, etc. Also piece from a form with 1868 "R.P.O" c.d.s. (9). Photo on Page 242. £250-300
  Scotland. 1855-73 Covers bearing 1d reds, cancels include Edinburgh duplex in blue (2), "Calton / Glasgow" datestamp, Milngavie and Coate Bridge double arc datestamps, Peebles single arc datestamps (3) or c.d.s, etc. (12). £120-150

Maltese Crosses

Click to view full image... 1840 (May 5) Entire letter from Aberayron to Aberystwyth prepaid 1d in cash, with two "ABERAYRON" straight line handstamps and a Maltese Cross in purple watery ink. A remarkable use of the Maltese Cross prior to the issue of stamps on May 6th, and the earliest known use of a Maltese Cross in any colour other than red. A unique item, with R.P.S Certificate (1999). Photo on Page 260. £4,500-5,500
  1840-43 Entire letters or entires (4) and stamps (5) showing Maltese Cross cancels in red or black including 1d blacks (2, plate 1b just four margins and plate 8 three margins), entires with 1d reds cancelled by fine crosses of Wiveliscombe, Ludlow (1d plate 21, TL with double check letters, Brandon Certificate), Shrewsbury with the centre virtually missing due to underinking, and Bristol with the cross showing partly ink filled centre. (9). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1840 (Sep 9) Entire letter posted within London bearing 1d black IF plate 1b cancelled by a superb Maltese Cross in black, a good early use of black ink, which began experimentally in London on August 31st. Photo on Page 260. £200-240
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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