Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 8
  1931-37 Flight covers from Djibouti comprising 1931 (Dec 3) Marcel Goulette and Andre Salel record breaking return flight to Marseille, with special cachet; 1932 (Apr 22) first flight to Dakar (2); and 1937 (Dec 3) Andre Japy world distance record, return flight to Marseille (3), with cachets incorrectly dated "1397" (2, one signed by Japy) or correctly dated "1937". (6). £180-200
Click to view full image... Zeppelin. 1933 (Apr 4) Registered cover to Pernambuco with 2f and 10f on 5f tied by Djibouti datestamps, bearing "Par Avion" and "Par Graf Zeppelin" labels with Friedrichshafen c.d.s (May 6) and blue circular "LUFTSCHIFF GRAF ZEPPELIN / 1 SUDAMERIKAFAHRT 1933" cachet on the front, backstamped at Pernambuco (9 May). A fine and rare Zeppelin cover, very little Zeppelin mail accepted from Djibouti. Photo on Page 194. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... Zeppelin. 1933 Similar registered cover carried on the 1st South American Flight, franked 50c, 3f on 5f and 10f on 5f. A fine and rare cover, very little Zeppelin mail accepted from Djibouti. Photo on Page 194. £800-1,000

GAMBIA - See Lots 113, 1046-1059

(Also See Lots 9, 17, 66, 160, 389, 569, 572/3, 613/7, 720/5, 839, 840, 1200, 1423, 1551)

Telegraph Stamps

Click to view full image... Bavaria. 1870 Imperforate embossed proofs of the 4f40k-10fr and 23f2k-50fr (2, shades, one with small tone mark) in grey, and 7k-25c in pale blue all with an additional uncleared frame line, on thin laid paper, fine and scarce. Hiscocks 3, 7, 8 proofs. (4). Photo on Page 224. £150-200
Click to view full image... Bavaria. 1870 Perforated ½sgr (2, part gum), 7k-25c, 14k-50c mint, 1sgr unused, 14k-50c and 28k-1fr used with punch holes and datestamps, the used stamps scarce. Hiscocks 1/5. (7). Photo on Page 180. £200-250
  Bavaria. 1876 10pf - 20m New Currency issue, second watermark, selection comprising mint gutter pairs of the 10pf - 1m (with two pairs for the 10pf - 80pf values) and 80pf gutter block of 20, mint blocks of four of the 25pf and 1m, 80pf strip of three and 2m strip of four, mint singles (50, with at least three of each value) and used 10pf (3), 20pf (3), 25pf (5), 40pf, 80pf and 4m. Also 1891 imperf 1m telephone stamp on watermarked paper used. A few faults but most fine including all the gutter pairs and multiples. Hiscocks 16/25. (122). £120-150
  North German Confederation. 1867 ½ - 30gr Set of eight used, pen cancelled, with duplicates of most values including 5gr pair, also ½gr mint, a few faults. Hiscocks 1/8. (26). £120-150
Click to view full image... Prussia. 1864 2½ - 15sgr Set of six mint or unused, the 2½ - 8sgr with part original gum, expertisation marks on reverse, fine appearance and a rare set. Hiscocks 1/6. (6). Photo on Page 206. £1,800-2,000
Click to view full image... Wurttemberg. 1875 Selection comprising 5pf mint (3) and used, 10pf mint (3), 20pf mint (3) and used (2), 25pf mint and used (2), 40pf mint and used, 50pf used (2), 80pf ultramarine and black used, 80pf green and black mint, 1m used (2), 2m yellow and blue used, 4m mint and used, 10m mint, some shades, a few faults though most are fine. Hiscocks 1/12. (27). Photo on Page 206. £600-700
  Germany. 1872-75 Selection with 1872 ½ - 30gr set of eight used with additional duplicates (29); 1875 3pf - 3m set of ten fine mint and used, with additional mainly used duplicates (66), sixteen stamps with c.d.s cancels, the others cancelled in manuscript. Some faults, the majority fine. Hiscocks 1/18. (95). £70-100

German East Africa

  Picture Postcards. c.1910 Series of 23 picture postcards (card 17 missing from the set of 24, photocopy included) with coloured views of German East Africa, copied from paintings by R. Dufchef, all with long explanations of the views printed in German on the reverse, written up with full translations in English. An attractive and uncommon set of cards. (23). £160-200
Click to view full image... World War One. 1916 (March) Unissued emergency set of three printed at Wuga comprising 2½h vertical pair with wide figures and single with narrow figures, 7½h corner marginal pair with adjacent wide and narrow figures (sheet number 2190), singles with wide and narrow figures, vertical pair with narrow figures, and the rare 1r. Also cover with printed Kondoa Irangi address handstamped violet "Frankiert / mit 7½H" and circular "KAISERL. POSTDIREKTOR DEUTSCHE OSTAFRIKA" with central arms; and 1916 cover posted from Tanga to the Wuga Mission with violet "Frankiert / mit 7½H", black oval framed "KAISERLICH DEUTSCHES POSTAMT / TANGA / (DEUTSCHE - OSTAFRIKA)" with central arms, Tanga and Mombo datestamps. Some faults, as is usual with these stamps, which were buried for five years. (10 stamps + 2 covers). Photo on Page 180. £250-300

GIBRALTAR - See Lots 562, 619, 766, 870, 1021-1028, 1382

(Also See Lots 1060-1071)

  Registered Mail. 1897-1926 Covers (4) and a parcel tag, comprising 1897 QV 2d size G registration envelope with 1d (2) + ½d each cancelled "B27"; 1908 KEVII 2d size H registration envelope uprated 2½d from Keta to Switzerland; 1907 cover from Cape Coast bearing KEVII ½d (9), 1d and 2½d with G.B registration label applied at Plymouth on February 22nd (fifth day of use of labels in G.B); 1926 KGV 3d F size registration envelope with Adjuah c.d.s; and small 1922 parcel tag from Akuse to G.B endorsed "sample of no value" franked KGV ½d pair + 1d + 3d. (5). £160-200
  Registration Handstamps. 1910-17 Covers with boxed registration handstamps of "SOMANYA", "NSAWAM" or "TAMALE", the last on an unusual KGV 2d size H registration envelope uprated with G.B 1d pair which have been cancelled in pencil but disallowed with circular framed "T" applied, the Somanya cover originally franked 3d with additional ½d and 1d stamps added four days later. All three earlier than recorded by Proud (who only recorded one example of the Somanya handstamp), the "T" handstamp of Tamale unrecorded by Proud. The last with a few opening faults at right, otherwise fine and scarce. (3). £150-180
  Too Late / Postage Due Handstamp. 1918 Large cover from the Commander N.E Province with 1d pair tied by Gambaga skeleton c.d.s (Proud D2), handstamped "TOO LATE"; and 1918 KGV 1d envelope uprated ½d + 1d from Winnebah to USA with larger hyphenated "TOO-LATE" and blurred circular censor cachet. Also 1927 cover from Akim Swedru handstamped "T" and 1934 cover from Mpraeso handstamped "T / OVER ..... OZ" (with "T.P.O Eastern / Up" type D10 backstamp). Fine and scarce, all unrecorded by Proud. (4). £160-200
  T.P.Os. 1920-37 Covers (2) and a front comprising 1920 KGV 2d size H registration envelope front uprated 10d to G.B cancelled "T.P.O 1 /GOLD COAST" skeleton c.d.s (D3) with manuscript "TPO 2dn" on the registration label; 1937 cover franked 2d to G.B cancelled "T.P.O Western 2 Down" c.d.s (D12) with boxed "POSTED ON TRAIN / WITHOUT EXTRA FEE / (2) D TO PAY" (J1) and a G.B 2d due label; and 1933 cover from Abetifi with "T.P.O Eastern 1 Up" backstamp (D10), small piece torn from upper edge of the postage due cover, otherwise fine. (3). £140-160
  WWI Censors. 1915-16 Covers (3) and a registered front with double ring skeleton type censor handstamps comprising undated "CENSOR / GOLD COAST (2, cover + front), dated "CENSORED / GOLD COAST" (FEB 28 1916, initialled) or dated "CENSOR AK / GOLD COAST" (MAY 14 1915), all fine. (4). £150-180
  WWI Censor / Jumapo. 1919 KEVII 2d size F registration envelope to USA bearing KGV 1d cancelled at Jumapo (D2), with manuscript name on registration label and fine violet circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / (crown) / ACCRA". £100-120
  Broomassi. 1911-12 Covers bearing KEVII 1d to G.B or ½d + 1d pair to USA, cancelled by the scarce Broomassi c.d.s (D2), the first with year shown as "11", the second with "1912" year in full. (2). £120-140
  Gambaga. 1917 Covers to G.B, all endorsed from B. Mintray Read, Commander of the N.E Province, Northern Territories, with KGV stamps tied by the "GAMBAGA / GOLD COAST" double ring skeleton c.d.s (D2), two with the day omitted from the c.d.s. (4). £140-160
  Salaga. 1916-17 Covers to G.B with KGV 1d tied by Salaga datestamps (D2), fine and scarce. (2). £120-150
  Skeleton Datestamps. 1926-37 Covers with KGV stamps tied by double ring skeleton datestamps of Nsaba (D3, registered cover), Komenda (D3, only one example recorded by Proud), Dunkwa (D8), Late (D3, to USA charged 10c), Kumasi (2, both D15), Tarquah (D10, state 2), Oda (D5), Mamfe (D2), Atuabo (D8), Jasikan (D2, registered to USA, manuscript name on registration label), mainly fine strikes, a scarce group. (11). £300-350
  1937-52 Commercial KGVI covers virtually all with differing town cancels, many scarce with single ring skeleton datestamps of Borada and Korabu Kukua, double ring skeletons (37) including Achinakrom, Adiembra, Aiyinasi, Akropong Akw, Akropong-Ash, Adansi Anhwiaso, Ash Newton, Asuom, Awasu, Boso, Dodi Papase, Domiabra, Dzelukope, Effiakuma, Fwidiem, Labadi, Kaneshi, Lartem (2), Lipke Mate, Ntronang, Ofuasi, Old Tafo, Sefwi Bekwai, Senchi, etc., many registered, a good lot. (171). £700-800
  1953-58 Commercial QEII covers virtually all with differing town handstamps including double ring skeleton datestamps (30), manuscript cancel of Adeiso, "TOO-LATE" of Bonyere, several with postage due marks, many registered. A good lot. (220). £500-600
  Togo. 1915-17 Covers from Lome with 1915 registered cover to Switzerland bearing Gold Coast 2d + 2½d, and two covers to G.B bearing 1d Togo overprints with differing Lome datestamps, one a Post Office Gold Coast O.H.M.S cover handstamped "LOME (TOGO)" with violet "Passed by Censor / at / Lome (Togo)". (3). £140-160


Click to view full image... 1859 Entire to London with G.B 6d tied superb "A15" numeral, Grenada and London backstamps, fine. Photo on Page 194. £180-220

(Also See Lots 23, 42, 50, 559, 668, 803, 857/8, 881, 992)

  Macao. 1844 Entire letter written from "Brig Lyra, Macao" to England "p. overland via Southampton" with a fine "HONG KONG" double arc backstamp, charged 1/5. The letter refers to "poor Mr Murray who was killed in the late expedition to Borneo. It was fitted out here & I knew most of the party, an old mate of mine commanded the Arma, one of the vessels". Very fine. £150-200
  1879-81 Covers all with a crest of the XXVII Inniskillings on the flap, sent by Lt. Henry Young to his sister in Edinburgh, franked 8c orange (2, one endorsed "via Naples"), 10c mauve or 12c blue all cancelled "B62", the 12c cover with small piece torn from lower edge, the other largely fine. (4). £180-220


  Telegraph Stamps. 1873 Lithographed set of eight used; and engraved set mint with 5kr - 50kr in blocks of four, additional 25kr, 40kr mint, 5 - 20kr, 50kr and 1f used, also imperf forgeries of the 50kr. Hiscocks 1/16. (43). £70-100

(Also See Lots 30, 187-195, 197/8, 306, 556-560, 652, 739, 740, 755, 814, 909, 931/2, 1231/2, 1264/6)

Click to view full image... 1883 1r Slate forgery mounted on paper, together with the 1891 (Sep 29) three page report from De La Rue to the Board of Inland Revenue regarding this forgery, which details how the forgery was made and differences between the forgery and the genuine stamp. A unique document and forgery. Photo on Page 200. £700-800
  Military / Incoming Mail - France. 1860-63 Covers from France to Brigadier General Sir Neville Chamberlain in India, the 1860 cover from Versailles to Bombay and redirected to Oude franked by two 1853-61 imperf 40c stamps, backstamped at Lucknow; the 1863 cover from Versailles to Lahore and redirected to Rawalpindi franked 1862 80c, backstamps include "REDIRECTED / LAHORE P.O" c.d.s. In 1860 Chamberlain commanded the Tank Field Force against the Mahsud Waziris; in 1863 he commanded the Yusafzai Field Force against Muslim fanatics in Sittana and Malka, and was wounded at the Umbeyla Pass. (2). £140-160

IRELAND - See Lots 91/3, 246, 540, 598/9, 750, 850, 869, 1708-1713, 1754/9, 1809

(Also See Lots 18/9, 24/5, 570, 620/2, 695, 706/8, 717, 841/2, 854, 1424, 1717)

  Telegraph Stamps. c.1880 1.20L Die Proof in black on wove paper, 49x59mm, fine and scarce. Hiscocks 1, proof. £80-100

British Occupation of Italian Colonies

  1948 Large registered envelopes comprising Somalia 5c - 5/- set of eleven on May 27th First Day Cover from Mogadishu to Asmara, and cover sent within Asmara bearing M.E.F 5/- and 10/-. Both covers with some edge fading but the stamps unaffected, scarce high values on cover and very few Somalia F.D.Cs posted bearing the complete set. (2). £200-250
  1951 Telegram form, reverse bearing Eritrea 40c pair, 1/-, 5/- and 10/- paying the transmission fee to Brussels, tied by Asmara Telegrafo datestamps and perfins, unusual. £80-100


  1804-55 Entire letters (15), entires (9) and a cover, sent within or to Jamaica (5) or to G.B (20), handstamps include "JAMAICA / SHIP LETTER" and circular datestamps of May Hill (2), Mandeville (3, two types), Alexandria (2), Spanish Town (2 types) or Kingston, and two line handstamps of Savanna La Mar or Spanish Town, one large entire charged 12/-, one entire letter with green boxed "½" applied upon arrival at Falmouth. Some faults and the quality of the handstamps very mixed. (25). £250-350
  1847-1952 Stamps and postal history, the collection in an album including 1847 entire letter from Kingston to May Hill with large handstruck "6"; 1856 entire letter from Kingston to G.B redirected in London with a 1d red; 1859 (Jan 9) front with upper flap to G.B bearing G.B 6d cancelled "AO1" with "SAVANNAH·LA·MAR / JAMAICA" datestamp at upper left (used prior to the issue of numerals to provincial offices, scarce); 1882 upper portion of "The Jamaica Churchman" newspaper sent to England bearing 1d rose pair; 1888 cover to England bearing 1d rose block of eight; 1891 registered cover to G.B franked ½d + 6d + 2½d on 4d; all basic stamps used with a good range of additional shades, 1890-91 2½d on 4d "PFNNY" variety mint and used, 1901 1d on blued paper used, 1905-11 QV type set used with both 2/- colours, 1919-21 set to 10/- used, 1935 Silver Jubilee 1½d extra flagstaff within a mint block of four, etc. S.G. £2,300 (+ covers). (266 + 8 covers). £300-400
  QV-QEII Postmarks and stamps on pages and stockcards with a good range of numeral cancels from "A28" to "G15" (c.138), squared circles and circular datestamps, a few on piece. (100s). £120-150
  Railway Cancels. 1911-22 Pieces (77) and stamps (13) with double ring "JAMAICA GOVT RAILWAY" or "JAMAICA RAILWAY" datestamps in violet, various stations including Albany, Annotto Bay, Appleton, Banks, Buff Park, Bushy Park, Four Paths, Grange Lane, Green Vale, Highgate, Hope Bay, Kendal, Linstead, Maggotty, May Pen, Old Harbour, Porus, Richmond, Suttons, Williamsfield, Kingston Baggage Office, etc., many very scarce even on piece. (90). £200-240

(Also See Lots 574, 576/7, 705, 728/9, 824, 844/6, 856/9, 1242)

  Postage Due Mail. c.1875-80 5r Postcards both charged 5r postage due for out of town postage within a postal agency district, with 1872-74 Cherry Blossom ½s brown or 1876-82 Koban 5r grey applied to collect the charge, both cards with light folds, otherwise fine and scarce. (2). £100-120

(Also See Lots 27/8, 60, 150-186, 659-661, 664, 689, 722/3, 739, 740, 873/4, 1072-1109, 1336/7)

Click to view full image... British East Africa. 1897 India One Anna on 1½a postcard with British East Africa overprint, sent by A.R Steggall of the Church Missionary Society from Taveta to England, circular "TAVETA" handstamp with separate "JUN 5 97" applied in the lower left corner, the stamp cancelled at Mombasa (June 21). Light central vertical fold and a little paper adhering to reverse, scarce and attractive. Photo on Page 194. £250-300
Click to view full image... Tanganyika. 1921 (Jan 31) Picture postcard from Kilwa to England with G.E.A 6c cancelled by "ARMY / TELEGRAPHS" c.d.s code "KWA Z" (Proud D3), and 1919 (Nov 3) piece with three G.E.A stamps tied by large violet "ARMY / SIGNALS" c.d.s code "KW" (Proud D2). Very scarce, just one example of the type D3 c.d.s (without final "Z" code) was recorded by Proud. (2). Photo on Page 194. £180-220
  1919 4c on 6c Scarlet, complete mint sheet of 120 split into two panes of sixty, each with plate number "1", also a photograph of the unique surcharge die proof sheet. S.G. 54, £150+. £70-80
  1938 KGVI Perf 13 20c unused block of twenty without gum, from a consignment of stamps despatched to Mombasa on the S.S "Breda" which was sunk in an air raid in Lochnell Bay, Oban, on December 23rd 1940, a few sheets of stamps apparently being washed ashore. A few faults though surprisingly good appearance considering its history, with various notes about the "Breda" sinking. S.G. 139. £70-80
  WW2 Postal Stationery - Askari Letter Scheme. 1944 "EAST AFRICA COMMAND WELFARE FREE LETTER SCHEME" lettersheet with outward half for civilians to write to Askaris, "KENYA UGANDA / & TANGANYIKA / POSTAGE PAID" printed within an oval frame, the attached half intended for the reply from the Askari headed "KARATASI YA ASKARI" and "ON ACTIVE SERVICE", light vertical fold, otherwise fine and very scarce. £240-280


  1951-1993 Mint collection on pages including 1954 King Sisavang Golden Jubilee set of three, etc. S.G. £1,000. (100s). £80-100



Click to view full image... 1962-63 Imperforate Essays for Federal Revenue stamps on printed Bradbury Wilkinson & Co Ltd cards, the first card with £L1 essay in black with Libyan coat of arms vignette printed on the transparent overlay, endorsed "As Submitted 29-11-62"; the second card with similar £L1 and £L3 essays both printed in grey, black vignettes on the transparent overlay, the £L1 essay with "PRIORITY" added in English and Arabic, endorsed "As Submitted 11-1-63" and "Both approved letter 23/1/63 refers". A unique pair of cards. (3 essays on 2 cards). Photo on Page 200. £200-300
  1964-65 Imperforate Essays for Consular Service stamps, in the same design as the previous Federal Revenue lot, five essays on two printed Bradbury Wilkinson & Co Ltd cards with transparent overlay bearing the vignette in black, the first card with £L1 and £L1½ essays in black endorsed "approved 13/10/64" and signed; the second with £L1, £L1¼ and £L1½ essays printed in grey, endorsed "As Submitted 1/11/65". A unique pair of cards. (5 essays on 2 cards). £200-300
  1964 Imperforate Essays for a General Revenue stamp, in the same design as the previous lots, £L1 essays printed in black or grey on separate printed Bradbury Wilkinson & Co Ltd cards both with central vignette printed onto the transparent overlay in black, the black essay endorsed "As Submitted 13-8-64", the grey essay endorsed "Approved - letter 2/9/64". A unique pair. (2 essays on 2 cards). £150-200
  1968 Revenue Department 20m imperforate proof in blue, affixed to a black printed Bradbury Wilkinson & Co Ltd card, endorsed "Approved for printing" and signed. A unique item. £80-100


  Telegraph Stamps. 1883 5c - 5f Set mint with additional duplication, comprising 5c (17, including block of four), 25c (6), 50c (4), 1f (4), 5f (3), various perfs. Hiscocks 1/5. (34). £100-120

(Also See Lots 150, 197)

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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