Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 11
  Revenue Documents. 1821-32 Powers of Attorney allowing third parties to deal with slavery matters (25), and documents confirming mortgages on slaves (3), seventeen with embossed Cape revenue stamps including circular "VOC" types and various types with a crown and a value in sterling. (28). £350-450
  1816-20 Documents (5) listing 37 slaves sold at auction by the Chamber for Insolvent Estates or the Sequestrators Department; and two other documents listing 87 slaves sold at auction in 1819-23, all documents giving details of place of birth, age, date of seizure and sale, name of owner and purchaser, and the sale price. Seven interesting documents. (7). £300-400
  Enregisterment. 1816 Partly printed documents (8) with details of 33 slaves including age, country of origin and occupation, one form from the Tulbagh office. (8). £150-180
  Enregisterment. 1817-34 Partly printed enregisterment documents giving details of slaves recently sold, all with embossed revenue stamps, mainly circular "VOC" types, three with stamps denominated in sterling. (16). £400-500
  Enregisterment. 1818-34 Documents, the majority partly printed, registering infants born to slaves. (64). £500-600
  Mistreatment. 1831-33 Documents from the Slave Offices at Clan William (3) or Graaff Reinet detailing cases of beating with a yoke pin, beating with a quinch stick, or a slave being whipped twenty times on the bare back, with detailed evidence from the slaves, witnesses and accused, and a short report concerning a complaint by a slave of being severely flogged by his master with a sjambach without any just cause. Also an 1832 letter from a slave owner stating he only gave his slave boy twenty three lashes in the presence of two boys and did not break the law. (5). £200-250
  Mistreatment - slave November. 1826-32 Reports and letters concerning the slave November, comprising 1831 report from Graaff Reinet containing a doctors certificate stating November has been beaten on the back by blows from quinch sticks, and if done on one occasion only it was more severe than 25 lashes with a cat of nine tails, with details of the court case; 1832 letter from Cape Town Prison sending November to hospital as he has been severely bitten by his mastic dogs; 1831 letter from Rondebosch Gaol; and 1826 report concerning allegations that November was tied to a tree and beaten on his bare back with a bunch of quinch switches by his master, who also struck him with his fist. (4). £150-180
  Prisons/Punishment. 1802-34 Letters, mainly from Cape Town Prison or Police Office, including 1821 letter stating that the slave Amerwacht from Mozambique has been executed; 1802 note confirming a slave confined for desertion; 1829 letter concerning the death of a slave on Robben Island; 1829 certificate of birth of a child to a convict on Robben Island; 1832 list of slaves in Cape Town Prison as complainants; 1834 letter concerning a slave who has deserted; 1832 letters concerning a slave who has committed suicide, etc. (17). £200-250
  Manumission. 1824-31 Partly printed certificates declaring individuals to be discharged from slavery (12), two also confirming freedom on the children of the named former slaves. Also two 1831 documents with wax seals of the Protector of Slaves Office confirming slaves have purchased their own freedom at auction. (14). £350-400
  Manumission. 1810-33 Letters concerning slaves being freed, including petitions from slaves to be granted their freedom, the purchases of slaves freedom, slaves freedom obtained by The Philanthropic Society for Emancipation, requests from owners for slaves to be freed, certificate stating Cupido of Batavia had his freedom bought by his daughter at auction, 1817 enregisterment document for a slave Dalima inscribed "Manumutted 15 May 1822", etc. (33). £500-600
  Abolition - Compensation for Slaves. 1834 Printed "Return of the number of slaves and estimated value thereof" forms completed with the number of slaves held at the time slavery was abolished, each with an accompanying certificate stating the listed slaves are registered in the name of the claimant and a Power of Attorney; four forms listing 17 slaves, one with a counter claim form from the owner, who seeks more compensation. Interesting documents, the 17 slaves valued at £1,050. (4). £300-400
  Abolition - Compensation for Slaves. 1835 Eighteen page document from the Assistant Keeper of the late Slave Registry at Graaff Reinet listing all slaves in Graaff Reinet for which compensation was claimed at the time slavery was abolished, about 190 slaves listed belong to fifteen owners, with details including age, country of origin and occupation, copied from the Slave Register. An interesting document. £200-250
  Clan William. 1818-37 Letters and documents from the Slave Office at Clan William including 1818 enregisterment documents with embossed revenue stamps for slaves later transferred to Clan William (2); letter stating a slave is being sent to Worcester to be tried for church breaking; report of a complaint of slaves not being provided with sufficient food and clothing, later dismissed as unfounded; also a letter to Major Burgess in Cape Town soliciting support in becoming Postmaster of Clan William, etc. (3). £300-400
  George. 1817-33 Letters and documents from the Slave Office at George including 1831 report of a slave charged with theft, 1822 enregisterment document with embossed revenue stamp for a slave later transferred to George, letters concerning possible freedom of slaves, etc., a few with address panels (also nine other wrappers without contents) all addressed to the Slave Office in Cape Town. (22). £150-180
  Graaff Reinet. 1817-35 Letters and documents from the Slave Office at Graaff Reinet including 1829 return of the numbers of slaves in the district (totalling 2,140); 1818 enregisterment documents with embossed revenue stamps for slaves transferred to Graaff Reinet (2), etc., several with address panels to Cape Town, also wrappers without contents (17), fifteen letters or wrappers bear "POST OFFICE / (crown) / GRAAFF REINET" handstamps. (48). £400-500
  Simons Town. 1818-34 Letters and documents to or from the Slave Office at Simons Town including 1818 enregisterment document with an embossed revenue stamp, etc., some address panels, one with superb "POST OFFICE / (crown) / SIMONS TOWN" handstamp. (23). £200-250
  Somerset/Tulbagh. 1817-32 Letters and documents from the Slave Offices at Somerset (9, also eight addressed wrappers without contents) or Tulbagh (9) including enregisterment documents with embossed revenue stamps for slaves transferred to Tulbagh (3), etc. (26). £200-250
  Stellenbosch. 1818-34 Letters and documents from the Slave Office at Stellenbosch including enregisterment documents with embossed revenue stamps for slaves transferred to Stellenbosch (3), printed certificates for children born to slaves (3), letter concerning the illegal sale of a mortgaged slave, claim for freedom by a slave who was brought to the colony as a prize negro on the same ship as other slaves now given their freedom, etc., some address panels. (28). £300-350
Click to view full image... Swellendam. 1817-31 Letters and documents from the Slave Office at Swellendam including a partly printed document for a mortgage on a slave, sale document with embossed revenue stamp, etc., seven addressed to the Slave Office in Cape Town with "POST OFFICE / (crown) / ZWELLENDAM" handstamps. (21). Photo on Page 226. £250-300
Click to view full image... Uitenhagen. 1816-32 Letters and documents from the Slave Office at Uitenhagen including printed document stating no punishment has been inflicted on any plantation slaves, letter concerning a free black purchasing the freedom of her father, letter concerning a court case over whether a slave is free or not, etc., three addressed to the Slave Office in Cape Town with "POST OFFICE / (crown) / UITENHAGEN" handstamps (2) or faint G.R arms handstamp. (12). Photo on Page 226. £150-200
  Worcester. 1825-34 Letters and documents from the Slave Office at Worcester including 1831 petitions from a slave Eliza who is being separated from her children and sent to the country (2); 1832 letter concerning complaints by slaves including a slave given 8 or 9 blows with the cat and later 5 or 6 blows of the fist; another 1832 letter about a slave Lena complaining of having been struck in the face; certificate of manumission for a slave Rachel and her children; statements of slaves sold at auction by the Agent to the Sequestrator (2), etc., one letter posted to Tulbagh with "POST OFFICE / (crown) / WORCESTER" handstamp and endorsed "Unpaid". (14). £150-180
  Other Offices. 1823-33 Letters and documents with certificate issued at Beaufort stating no punishment has been inflicted upon a plantation slave; letters from Caledon (4), Cradock (4), or Paarl (7); and a Power of Attorney posted from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town with boxed "POST PAID". (17). £150-180


  1838 (Dec 28) Entire letter written from Liefde Vlak to England, the letter including "we expect to be called on a commando before long, the Dutch Boers at Port Natal have killed all the soldiers sent there to take the place, the governors son is amongst them so it is reported so of course we all expect a war". The large entire marked "1oz" and charged 3/-, the reverse endorsed "Seven letters out of package addressed Dewes Ex the Reform, Salmond at Algoa Bay, sent to Post Office May 6/39" with red boxed "INDIA LETTER / LONDON". A scarce early letter with good content, sent just before the Boers proclaimed their own Boer Republic of Natal. £200-250
  1901 1d Postcard from Durban to "Chiengmai via Rehang & Moulmein, Burma" with datestamps of Colombo, Tuticorin, Raheng and Chiengmai. An unusual north Siam destination, sent via Burma. £100-120

Orange Free State

Click to view full image... 1868 6d, Imperf colour trials in reddish brown, pale rose and orange-buff, the colours adopted for the three values issued in 1868, each in a horizontal marginal pair on ungummed paper, fine and scarce. (3 pairs). Photo on Page 224. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1873 (Apr 25) Cover to London bearing OFS 6d rose (4) each cancelled by "1" in horizontal oval, in combination with Cape of Good Hope 4d (4, pair + two singles) and 1/- vertical strip of three, the seven Cape stamps each cancelled by numeral "1" of Cape Town, Bloemfontein datestamps on front and reverse with a Cape Town c.d.s (May 3) on the front, backstamped at London (June 9). A few minor edge faults, one O.F.S 6d and one Cape 1/- stamp folded over the lower edge and therefore with faults (the Cape stamp also folded over at left side prior to cancelling in Cape Town), otherwise fine, an unusual and scarce franking paying the quadruple packet rate of 2oz (2/- O.F.S postage, 1/4 internal Cape postage + 4/- ocean postage). With B.P.A Certificate (2005). Photo on Inside Front Cover. £900-1,200
Click to view full image... 1899 Police Frank stamps mint, one with variety no stop after "V", this stamp with minor gum stain to upper edge, otherwise both fine and scarce. S.G. PF3, 3a, £875. (2). Photo on Page 224. £150-200


Click to view full image... 1894-96 4/- Green and carmine, lower right corner plate block of four, plate number "1", lower corner folded over prior to perforating resulting in additional corner perforations in the margin, fine mint, very unusual. S.G. 27, £600++. Photo on Page 212. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1894-96 £5 Purple and black on red, mint, a few very slightly shortened perf tips at upper right, with 2019 R.P.S Certificate which rather harshly states "missing top right perforation". An attractive example of this scarce mint stamp. S.G. 29, £5,500. Photo on Front Cover. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image... 1894-96 £5 Purple and black on red, fiscally used with Registry of Deeds c.d.s. S.G. 29; Barefoot 11, £500. Photo on Page 224. £120-150
  1898 Upper portion of a trading licence issued at Nkandhla bearing 1894-96 £5 purple and black on red tied by Resident Magistrate cachet, the stamp crossed by a horizontal fold but an unusual and attractive item. S.G. 29; Barefoot 11, £500. £100-120

Union of South Africa

  Interprovincials. 1910-13 Covers and cards (15), stamps and pieces (100s) all used in differing provinces, values to £1, a few combination frankings, the stamps and pieces mainly mounted in two exercise books, with Transvaal KEVII 1/- and 2/- used in Swaziland, Natal KEVII 10/- used in Transvaal, etc. (100s). £120-150
  1921 3/- Booklet, all six panes with watermark inverted, fine and complete. S.G. SB3, £500. £120-150

SOUTHERN RHODESIA - See Lots 56, 60, 1437-1452

(Also See Lots 125/6, 139, 665, 1199, 1256)

Click to view full image... 1915-18 Postmarks and postal history, the collection in an album with stampless forces covers and cards bearing A.P.O datestamps including scarce violet boxed "33" datestamp on card strangely bearing G.S.W.A 5pf, etc. (7), stampless P.O.W cover from Aus, and South Africa used in S.W.A comprising covers (23), pieces (35) and stamps (20) with 1916 4d registration envelope from Keetmanshoop endorsed "On Active Service" so accepted post free, 1916 registered cover from Windhoek to Switzerland franked 3d strip of three, etc. (30 covers + 55 stamps/pieces). Photo on Page 226. £300-400

(Also See Lots 225, 732/3)

Click to view full image... Telegraph Stamps. 1864-69 Selection comprising 1864 1r - 20r set of four mint; 1865 second imperf issue 1r - 20r set of four mint and 1r used with punch hole; 1865 perf 14 4r unused, 16r and 20r mint; 1866 10c - 2E set of four unused and 10c, 40c, 1E used with punch holes; 1867 10c, 40c and 1E60 unused and used (two of each with punch holes, also 40c pair with c.d.s cancels); 1868 400m unused and used, 800m used (2), 1E600 mint and used, 2E mint; 1869 100m used, 800m used (2), 1E600 mint and used, 2E mint, mixed condition with some faults, a scarce group. Hiscocks 1/29. (43). Photo on Page 224. £500-600

(Also See Lots 56, 105/6, 161, 551, 627/8, 782, 1106)

  General Gordon. 1879 Cover addressed by Gordon to "H. Ex Geigler Pacha, Khartoum" containing two letters entirely written and signed by Gordon, a short letter dated 9 June reads "My dear Geigler, This letter will guard you from loss if anything happens to me ere I see you", a longer letter written from "Tascher, Darfour, 7 June 1879" thanks Geigler for accepting the post of Vakeel of the Soudan and guaranteeing him, in the case of his dismissal as Vakeel, payment of his previous pay as Director of Telegraphs for the remainder of the time for which he had a contract in that position. Also a small card showing three month's expenses for four servants signed by Gordon. (Cover + 3 letters/notes). £400-500
  1898-1932 Camel Postman issues, mint and used collection on pages with 1898 set mint and used, 5m and 2p with white cloud variety and 2m with the variety retouched; 1902-21 set and 5m on 5p surcharge mint and used; 1921-23 set mint and used and plate blocks of the 2m and 10m (both including white cloud variety); 1927-41 set mint and used, 4m inverted watermark mint (3) and used, misplaced centres on 5m (5, with block), 10m (5, with block) or 15m, and plate blocks of eight of the 3m and 5m (both including white cloud variety); 1931-37 Air Mail overprints and 2½p surcharge with minor varieties. S.G. £1,084. (187). £320-380
  Travelling Post Offices. 1911-65 Covers (33), stamps and pieces (62), the collection in an album, covers including T.P.O registration labels (3), 1942 forces cover posted on the Khartoum - Port Sudan T.P.O with uncancelled India stamps, etc. (95). £120-150
  1933 Covers from Abecher, Chad, to Egypt or Turkey, both unusually franked by Sudan 5m block of four cancelled by "ABECHER / OUBANGUI-CHARI-TCHAD" c.d.s, one endorsed "via Sudan - Egypt", one cover with a "T" handstamp applied then crossed out, both covers with the Sudan stamps accepted as valid in Chad, one cover with a transit c.d.s of El Fasher tying the stamps. (2). £100-120


  1913 Deed of Transfer bearing KEVII Cape £1 and Transvaal 5/- revenues overprinted "SWAZILAND" (Barefoot 38, 42, £150 as stamps) each tied by oval "REGISTRAR OF DEEDS / TRANSVAAL" datestamp, unusual. £80-100


Click to view full image... 1872 Cover from Gothenburg to Sheffield endorsed "via Hull" bearing Sweden 1858-62 12ore blue strip of three each cancelled by "HULL" c.d.s with a further strike alongside, arrival backstamp. An unusual cover, probably posted on the steamer from Gothenburg to Hull. Tear to upper edge (not affecting the stamps), otherwise fine and very attractive. Photo on Page 226. £250-300

(Also See Lots 19, 68, 82/3, 1555)

Click to view full image... Geneva. 1757-1877 Entire letters, covers and cards, the fine postal history collection well written up in two albums with 1757-61 boxed straight line "GENEVE" (3, two from Italy to Marseille sent overland due to the British blockade of the Mediterranean during the Seven Years War), 1769 unframed "GENEVE", 1808 "99 / GENEVE" and "P·99·P / GENEVE" both used during the French Occupation period, "GENEVE / PAR FERNEY" French entry marks, 1815-30 Fischer Post "GENEVE" (7, two types), "PORT-PAYE" or two line datestamp (6, four with "F.F.4"), later uses of the two line datestamp (17, two types), boxed "SUISSE / PAR FERNEY" in black (7) or red (8), boxed "LG" (7, one in red) or red "LG.10K", scarce 1840 "VIA DI / S. JULIEN", various charge marks including "5cs" in red (2) or black, circular framed "P.P." or "P.D", 1843 "APRES LE DEPART", various Geneva datestamps, entry and transit datestamps, T.P.Os, also a late use of straight line "Geneve" in 1897. A good lot, all fine carefully selected strikes. (74). Photo on Page 226. £1,400-1,600
Click to view full image... 1945 Peace issue 5f and 10f fine used. S.G. £550. (2). Photo on Page 224. £80-100
  1945 (May 9) Peace issue 5c, 30c, 40c, 3f and 5f on registered First Day Cover from Bern, also bearing Red Cross 5c + 10c and 2f + 20f meter labels on reverse, cover reduced at base with loss of address, the stamps fine. S.G. £530+. £80-100
Click to view full image... Telegraph Stamps. 1868-69 25c Perforated proofs without central printing or embossing, printed on the gummed side, comprising a marginal block of four in red and a pair in black, all with control numbers on reverse; also a perforated 25c colour trial in red (faults), and the issued 1f stamp (small corner thin), a scarce group. Hiscocks 1 proofs, 3. (8). Photo on Page 224. £250-300

(Also See Lots 8, 1499)

Click to view full image... 1894-1928 Mint and used issues in three old exercise books including various surcharges, both 1920 Scout Fund sets and the 1921 set used (all offered "as-is"), 1926 Coronation set used, various cancels include "KEDAH" c.d.s on 1894-99 surcharges (S.G. Z45, 55), town datestamps on blocks of the 1914-15 surcharge issue, etc. (100s). Photo on Page 224. £150-180


  c.1905 Real photographs on two photo album pages, well taken images including a caravan at the rest house at Samada (3), the only five British officers at the mess house at Gyantse (2, one named), the bazaar at Gyantse (3), Tibetan dancers at Gyantse (3), the frozen lake at Changu, and the fort at Gyantse, the photos 155x110mm (6) or 120x100mm (7), scarce early Tibet photos. (13). £300-500

(Also See Lots 997/8)

  Tobago. 1804 (Nov 1) Entire letter from Tobago to Scotland with two line "TOBAGO / NOV 1804" datestamp, London and Edinburgh arrival datestamps, charged 4/4, fine. £120-150
  1879-82 ½d Lilac, watermark Crown CC reversed, in a superb unmounted mint block of 100, margins at base and both sides. S.G. 98x, £2,000. £250-300


  1923-43 Covers (3) and a front with Tristan da Cunha cachets comprising superb red type IV cachet on stampless 1923 cover to London with "Xmas 1928" typed within the cachet, London Paquebot and 1½d Foreign Branch charge mark (G.B due stamps removed); stampless front to USA with 10c charge mark, and 1937 cover to London with G.B 1½d tied by London Paquebot c.d.s, both with type V cachet; and a cover dated 8.4.43 with type V cachet applied by favour by the Rev. H. Wilde whilst working at H.M.S "Royal Arthur" at Skegness. (4). £150-180
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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