G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 54) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th April 2024 Time: 10:30AM
Details: For viewing details and enquiries regarding this auction - Telephone No. 0207 930 6100
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Auction Lots - Page 6
Click to view full image... 1914-19 $1 Booklets, two with light blue covers for booklets containing 25 4c stamps, no stamps remaining but the remaining stamp edging showing one contained 4c dull purple stamps, the other 4c carmine stamps; and grey cover booklet containing 4c dull purple part pane of six (a further six removed), 3c red pane of twelve and part pane of three (one removed) and 1c green pane of four, some toning to interleaving and stamps, all with rusted staples but presentable examples of these rare booklets. S.G. 16 (+ S.G. 1, 1a covers), all unpriced. (3). Photo on Page 166. £300-400
  1922-27 $1 (3) and $1.20 (3) Booklets, comprising 1922 $1 red cover booklets (2) containing 5c orange pane of eight and 6c dull claret pane of ten, one stapled in right margin (both panes split in two parts), the other stapled in left margin; 1927 $1 grey cover booklet containing 4c bright violet and 6c scarlet panes of ten; $1.20 green cover booklet containing two 6c scarlet panes of ten (one split in two parts); 1929 $1.20 red cover booklet containing three panes of ten of the 4c orange; all booklets with the staples rusted away causing damage to the covers and separation of the panes and interleaving, the stamps all severely toned, nevertheless all complete and scarce. S.G. 3, 4a, 5, 6, £15,000. (5). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1929 $1.20 Booklet with blue covers, advert for De La Rue & Co. on reverse, containing panes of ten of the 2c green, 4c orange and 6c scarlet, staples rusted, the panes very toned. Similar to S.G. SB7 but containing the 4c orange (and not the listed 4c bright violet), a scarce unrecorded booklet. Photo on Page 166. £200-250
Click to view full image... c.1930 $1.20 Booklets with white covers, the front cover similar to the $1.20 booklet in the previous lot, the back covers advertising the Official Postal Guide, originally containing panes of ten of the 2c green, 4c orange and 6c scarlet, one booklet stapled at right with five 2c stamps and a 4c stamp remaining, the other stapled at left with one 2c, two 4c and one 6c stamp remaining. Two rare unrecorded booklets, incomplete, otherwise very reasonable condition. (2). Photo on Page 166. £300-400
Click to view full image... c.1930 $1.20 Booklet with white covers, identical format to the previous booklets but differing adverts and fount for the numbers on the front cover, six 2c stamps, six 4c stamps and four 6c stamps remaining, the first interleaving page loose, otherwise largely fine, unrecorded and rare. Photo on Page 166. £250-350
  1938 KGVI Booklets, $1 booklet originally containing twenty 5c stamps, six stamps and a pane of Air Mail labels remaining, ink stains to the front cover and minor staining to reverse; and $1.30 booklet, all stamps removed and a little internal toning, both with rusted staples, scarce. S.G. SB11, 12. (2). £150-250

Covers and Postal History

  1883-1900 Covers, various QV frankings, including 1883 covers franked 10c to England (2, one with red Singapore Paid c.d.s type PD10 alongside), large 1896 cover to London with 8c block of eight, etc., a few faults. (10). £150-200
  1892-95 Wrappers and covers sent at the 1c printed matter rate, including 1892 wrappers to Australia bearing 1c on 6c or 1c on 8c, four from C.A Ribeiro & Co (3) or W.N Cullin, stamp dealer and typewriter. (6). £150-200
  1902-12 Covers and cards bearing KEVII stamps including registered mail, Tanjong Pagar datestamps (3, also an arrival c.d.s on card from G.B), etc. (42) £200-250
  c.1858-1990 Covers and cards (c.175), many pieces and some stamps, with prewar and postwar picture postcards, 1946-47 skeleton datestamps (4), 1945 (Sep 26) covers posted at Penang with Straits stamps tied by barred oval cancels (2), etc. (100s). £300-400
  1942 (Jan 27 - Feb 10) Covers sent shortly before the fall of Singapore, comprising 1941 (Dec 1) cover franked 5/- from G.B to Kuala Lumpur but handstamped "RETOUR" and bilingual four line "Not Known / Gone Away / Refused / Deceased", backstamps of Geyland Road (Jan 27) and London (Apr 23); covers franked 50c to G.B (2, one with Feb. 9 F.P.O S.P 501 c.d.s); Feb. 6 cover franked 15c to Singapore Naval Base redirected to H.M.S Mauritius, c/o G.P.O London; and Feb. 10 15c meter cover to Australia, censored, probably the final mail to leave Singapore. (5). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1947 (Mar 15) Cover to USA franked 15c, with double ring skeleton c.d.s showing the error of spelling "SNIGAPORE", also other examples on pieces (2) or stamps (7, with Straits 3c pair and BMA 6c block), scarce. (6). Photo on Page 150. £300-400
  1947 (Apr 8) Cover to USA franked 50c, with double ring skeleton c.d.s showing the error of spelling "SNIGAPORE", also other examples on pieces (2) or stamps (7, with 2c pair, 15c block of four), minor faults, scarce. (6). £250-300
  Printed Matter. 1941-53 Covers with triangular handstamps or machine cancels containing a two letter office code, for use on printed matter, from Singapore (4) and other Malayan offices (8). Also 1946-48 BMA period covers (3) and pieces (9) with Singapore "A" or "L" printed matter datestamps (Proud PM 24/35). (24). £100-150
  Postage Paid. 1914-2001 Covers (78), also pieces, various Postage Paid handstamps or machines, some with slogans, various rates shown, most in red, 23 covers pre-1942 including 1932 (May 3) proof impression of Singapore 2cts c.d.s. (78+). £100-150
  Parcel Post. c.1900-80 Parcel labels, pieces cut from parcels, receipts, customs forms, parcel post cancels, etc. £100-150

Slogans, Machines, Special Events

  1914-71 Covers and cards with Singapore slogans or other machine cancels, many slogans from 1930 onwards including 1935-39 MAHA Exhibition (6), 1930-31 British Industries Fair (3), also Malaya Patriotic Fund (2), V For Victory (2), Save For Victory (4), Dont Write About Ships (4), etc. (116). £250-300
  1932 (May 12) Cover from Singapore to Siam with "BUY BRITISH" slogan handstamp alongside the 12c stamp, the cover toned and other minor faults but very rare, not recorded by Proud. £100-150
  1946-52 Covers sent within or from Singapore with violet slogan handstamps on reverse, comprising "DON'T BUY MORE / THAN YOU NEED" (Proud SH 21, 9 Jan. 1947), "REGISTER AS A BLOOD / DONOR NOW" (HS 26, 15 Sep. 1949), "ENROL as a BLOOD DONOR" (HS35, 13 Feb 1952) or "ARE YOU A REGISTERED VOTER / IF NOT REGISTER NOW" (HS 31, 14 June 1952), also "SAVE IN THE / SAVINGS BANK" (HS16, 16 May 1946) on an air letter from South Africa, a rare group, only single examples of the Blood Donor slogans recorded by Proud. (5). £300-400
  1951 (Oct 31) Cover to Singapore with Indonesia 50s tied by violet cachet of S.S "Demta" and a Singapore Paquebot c.d.s, reverse with the violet poppy shaped slogan handstamp "POPPY / DAY / GIVE GENEROUSLY", not recorded by Proud. £100-150
  1947 (Nov 7) Cover from Singapore to Penang franked 3c, with violet slogan handstamp "GIVE GENEROUSLY TO / PRINCESS'S WEDDING FUND / AND HELP FIGHT SLUMS AND / TUBERCULOSIS", not recorded by Proud. Also receipts for 10c or 50c donations to H.R.H The Princess Elizabeth Wedding Gift, and 1947 registered insured cover (for $3,400) from Seremban to H.R.H Princess Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace franked 10c + $1 + £5. (4). £120-150
  United Nations. 1949-53 Covers (4) and pieces (2) including 1949 covers backstamped violet "UNITED NATIONS / CONFERENCES / IN / SINGAPORE / SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER, 1949" (2, Proud SH28) and 1952 (Oct 24) violet "UNITED NATIONS EXHIBITION / October 24 to November 3, 1952 / UN-ITE for PEACE", not recorded by Proud. Also 1953 cover and piece, and 1954 piece, with U.N Day Exhibition slogans. (6). £150-200
  United Nations Conference. 1949 (Sep 19 - Oct 10) Covers with "U.N CONFERENCE / SINGAPORE" datestamps, two covers with large type c.d.s (both also with violet slogan handstamp on reverse), a third registered cover with smaller type c.d.s, also a 1951 (Oct 9) piece with this small type c.d.s. (4). £250-300
  1951-79 Covers and cards including 1951 (Sep 22) Singapore City Day slogan (used on this one day only, also two postcards), temporary P.O datestamps used at exhibitions (8, 1959-73), 1954-66 handstruck slogans from various offices in Malaysia (33, some from Penang or Malacca, others possibly Singapore, some unrecorded), etc. (48). £200-300
  British Empire Exhibition. 1923 (Oct) Cover to USA franked 6c, cancelled by the Singapore "BRITISH EMPIRE / EXHIBITION 1924" slogan machine, fine and scarce. (6). £100-150
  British Empire Exhibition. 1923-24 Picture postcards from Singapore with the scarce British Empire Exhibition slogan machine (15 Oct 1923) or the duplex type slogan handstamp (2, also two pieces), and a 1926 (Apr. 3) cover to USA franked 12c cancelled by the very scarce vertical oval datestamp portion only of the same handstamp with the slogan portion removed (Proud SH4, state III). (6). £250-300
  British Empire Exhibition. 1923-25 Covers (2), cards (2), pieces and stamps, including circular "BRITISH EMPIRE / EXHIBITION 1924" slogan cancels on registered cover from Muar or postcards from Johore (2) all bearing Johore stamps, cover from Sungei Patani bearing Kedah stamps, or on pieces franked with Kedah or Johore stamps (5). Also pieces with Kelantan stamps (2), and other single Kelantan stamps (4) with the very scarce British Empire Exhibition 1924 slogan cancel. (4 covers + 11 stamps/pieces). £150-200
  British Empire Exhibition. 1924-25 Covers (2), postcards (2) and pieces (3) with duplex type British Empire Exhibition handstamps from Malacca (3 covers/cards + 2 pieces) or Penang (postcard + piece), all fine. (7). £100-150
  1923 Postcard and a front from Kula Lumpur, franked F.M.S 6c, both with circular "BRITISH EMPIRE / EXHIBITION 1924" slogan handstamp. Also Exhibition labels (4, two with red Singapore Official Paid c.d.s), and picture postcards produced for or depicting The Malaya Pavilion (21, with covering envelope) or The Sarawak Pavilion. (29). £150-200

Singapore Sub-Office Datestamps

  Agri-Horticultural Show. 1910 Covers franked KEVII 5c or 8c, and a 3c postcard registered with five QV stamps, all cancelled undated "AGRI-HORTICULTURAL / SHOW", the card with Singapore registration handstamp on reverse, also another registered cover with severe faults (address cut out), and five picture postcards of the shows in 1908 or 1910, some faults, the registered postcard fine. (9). £150-200
  Airport. 1937-70 Covers and cards including 1937 (June 12) cover posted on the first day of the Airport Post Office, 1938 cover to Switzerland, prewar picture postcards of the airport (7), etc. (18). £180-220
Click to view full image... Bedoh. 1934 (Jan 2) Air Mail cover to London franked on the reverse by 4c pair and 5c block of nine cancelled by "BEDOH SINGAPORE" double ring skeleton c.d.s (Proud D1). Very scarce, the office open from 1930 until 1938. Photo on Page 172. £150-200
  Bukit Panjang. 1940-71 Covers including 1940-41 covers to England or India, 1941 arrival c.d.s on cover from Bangkok, etc. (9). £100-120
  Bukit Timah. 1933-68 Covers including 1933 cover to Czechoslovakia "By Dutch Air Mail, Alorstar - Amsterdam" with 2a + 5c + 25c (2) tied by Proud type D4 c.d.s, 1936 cover to England with type D5 c.d.s, etc. (7). £180-220
  Dempsey Road. 1954-66 Covers (10), stamps and pieces (15) including "FORCES P.O / SINGAPORE" skeleton c.d.s on KGVI 10c size H registration envelope to England franked 10c (also two pieces), 1955 bundle label, etc. (35). £100-150
  Geylang Road. 1931-66 Covers and cards including 1931-38 registered covers to England (2) or Hong Kong (flown on the first day of the new Singapore Airport), etc. (11). £150-200
  Kampong Glam. 1899-1964 Covers including 1899 registered A.R cover to Germany with "A.R" and boxed registration datestamp (type R1), 1909 registration envelope to Hong Kong with registration datestamp type R2, 1918-22 covers with Singapore registration labels handstamped "KAMPONG GLAM" (stamps removed), 1931-36 A.R or insured registration envelopes with printed registration labels, 1946 cover with manuscript "K. Glam" on blank type registration label, etc., an interesting group. (20). £350-450
  Kandang Kerbau. 1897-1975 Covers and cards including 1897 (Aug 18) postcard to London (earliest recorded cancel), a fine 1900 cover franked 8c to Manila, etc. (23). £300-400
  Kandang Kerbau. 1915 Registered covers to England bearing Singapore registration labels with manuscript "K.K" or K. Kerbau", the first on 10c registration envelope in fine condition, the second with a few opening faults, scarce and unusual. (2). £150-200
Click to view full image... Kandang Kerbau. 1921 (Feb 21) 10c Size F registration envelope to France, franked 1c (2) + 10c, boxed "SINGAPORE / R" handstamp with manuscript "K. Kerbau", very fine and scarce. Photo on Page 172. £150-200
  Kandang Kerbau. 1921 (Apr 28) Registered A.R cover sent within Singapore, reverse bearing 4c + 5c (4), handstamped "A.R" and boxed "SINGAPORE / R" with manuscript "K. Kerbau", fine and scarce. £150-200
  Katong. 1926-62 Covers and cards including registered mail, picture postcards, etc. (18). £120-150
  Keppel Harbour/New Harbour. 1902-65 Covers and cards, cancels of New Harbour (6) or Keppel Harbour (16), picture postcards, etc. (22). £300-350
  Naval Base. 1932-58 Covers including 1941 $2 Clipper rate to England with Singapore civil censor and H.M Ship censor, 1939 registered cover to Saigon, 1950 registered cover with violet A.R handstamp, 1958 cover with "Singapore E" Mobile Post Office c.d.s, etc. (8). £120-150
  Nee Soon. 1940-57 Covers including 1940 cover to England from a Captain in the H.K.S. R.A with an army censor, 1946 B.M.A size F 15c registration envelope franked B.M.A 2c, 3c, $1, etc. (5). £150-200
  Newton. 1929-63 Covers including 1929-34 Air Mail covers to G.B or Germany (3, two registered), 1931 registered cover to G.B posted out of course upon redirection, etc. (9). £200-300
  Orchard Road. 1915-23 Registration envelopes to Europe, the first bearing Singapore registration label with manuscript "Orchard Road", the second with violet "ORCHARD ROAD" on the Singapore registration label, unusual. (2). £150-200
  Orchard Road. 1907-59 Covers and cards including 1910 registered cover franked 18c to Saigon with boxed registration datestamp type N, redirected to France but unknown and returned; 1935 registration envelope franked 56c to G.B insured for £30, etc. (31). £300-400
  Paya Lebar. 1918-65 Covers including registered mail, etc. (8). £200-250
  Queen Street. 1936-64 Covers, all registered, with 1936 cover to Finland franked 27c, 1957 A.R cover, etc. (11). £100-150
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 54) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th April 2024 Time: 10:30AM
Details: For viewing details and enquiries regarding this auction - Telephone No. 0207 930 6100
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