G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 52) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 21st April 2023 Time: 10:30AM
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The Offices of Argyll Etkin Limited, 2nd Floor, 1 Wardour St, London, W1D 6PA.
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Thursday 20th April 2023 - to be sold at 10.30 am

Philatelic Literature, Autographs, Tudway Letters - Antigua & G.B Ship Letters  1 - 21
Cricket - Philately, Autographs & Ephemera, Air Mails  22 - 84
Hospital Ships - The Peter High Collection  85 - 269
Hospital Trains, WW1 Airship Forces, WW2 Far East P.O.W Mail  270 - 301
Great Britain
 Stamps, Booklets, Cinderellas  302 - 372
 Picture Postcards, Postal History - Mixed Lots  373 - 396
 Air Mails  397 - 423
 Cancellations, Christmas, Exhibitions & Special Events  424 - 446
 Frees  447 - 482
 Maritime Mail - Ship Letters, Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet, GB/US Sea P.O  483 - 510
 Falmouth Packets, including Jamaica  511 - 535
 Military & Naval Mail, Mulreadys, Parcel Post, Pictorial Envelopes  536 - 559
 Postage Due Mail  560 - 590
 Postal Stationery, Railways & T.P.Os, Registered Mail  591 - 613
 Returned Letter Office  614 - 632
 Channel Islands - WW2 Occupation & Red Cross Forms  633 - 756
 Cheshire, Cornwall, Devon, London, Staffordshire  757 - 782
 Suffolk - Bury St. Edmunds, Scottish Islands  783 - 804

Friday 21st April 2023 - to be sold at 10.30 am

World & Commonwealth, Mixed Lots - Stamps, Covers & Cinderellas  805 - 840
Aden, Antarctic, Austria, Bahamas, Barbuda  841 - 858
Bermuda - further items from The Dennis Mitton Collection  859 - 1050
Brazil, British Solomon Is., Burma, Canada, Cayman Is., Ceylon  1051 - 1071
China, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Falkland Is., Fiji  1072 - 1087
France, Gambia  1088 - 1104
Germany, including Saar, Colonies & P.O Abroad, Norddeutscher Lloyd  1105 - 1159
Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Greece, Guinea, Honduras, Hong Kong  1160 - 1169
India, including Air Mails  1170 - 1305
Ionian Is., Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan  1306 - 1314
KUT, with fine British East Africa and East Africa Postal Stationery  1315 - 1495
Kuwait, Leeward Is., Levant, Liberia, Malaya, Morocco, Muscat  1496 - 1509
New Guinea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger Coast, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines  1510 - 1517
Portugal & Colonies, with fine Nyassa Company  1518 - 1558
Rhodesia, St. Helena, St. Kitts, Sarawak, Sierra Leone  1559 - 1573
South Africa with Boer War, Southern Rhodesia, Sudan, Sweden  1574 - 1600
Togo  1601 - 1646
Trinidad & Tobago, Zanzibar  1647 - 1674

(Also see lots 70/2, 79)

  Commonwealth and foreign stamps and covers including two 1865 entire letters from Pondicherry to Mauritius both with very scarce "MOCAMBIQUE" ship datestamps, one also with "MEINAM" ship c.d.s, unfortunately with stamps torn out; 1948 (Jan. - Mar.) telegrams from Jerusalem to Paris, the first stating "postal services suspended" (3); note written by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on printed notepaper arranging a dental appointment; pencil design for 2002 Grenadines H.M Queen Mother sheetlet signed by Jennifer Toombs; 1897-98 O.F.S postcards cancelled by M, X or Y obliterators; 1821 British and Foreign Bible Society printed notices sent within the Liverpool Penny Post (2); stamps with Bavaria 1875 7k blue (thin) and 10k ochre used (S.G. 71, 73, £875), etc. Also Salles Maritime Mail volume VI (Bendon reprint). An unusual group. £300-350
  A huge accumulation of Commonwealth and worldwide stamps on stockcards and loose, many postmarks, cinderellas, etc., some better and less usual stamps, careful viewing recommended. (Many 1,000s). £1,500-2,500
  A huge accumulation of Commonwealth and worldwide stamps on album pages, many useful small country collections, careful viewing recommended. (1,000s). £800-1,200
  Worldwide stamps in 40 stockbooks with many earlier issues, some useful postmarks and cinderellas, etc. (1,000s). £500-700
  World collections in 58 albums including "Lincoln", "Strand", etc., many with better stamps removed, a huge quantity with some reasonable stamps remaining. (58 albums). £600-1,000
  Pre-war world collections in Ideal albums (18) and other substantial albums (8), many with stamps removed, still some useful collections remaining, viewing recommended. (26 albums). £1,200-1,500
  Europe. Collections in albums or stockbooks (16) and on pages, with general collections (7 albums), and collections of France & Colonies, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Portugal & Colonies, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Iceland, Scandinavia, etc. A huge quantity, some reasonable stamps noted. (1,000s). £700-1,000
  Eastern Europe & Balkans. Collections in albums and stockbooks with several collections of Turkey (4 albums + pages), also collection of Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Greece, etc. (1,000s). £400-500
  Americas. Collections in albums and stockbooks (19) or on pages including Guatemala, Argentina, Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, etc. (1,000s). £400-500
  Foreign Countries. Albums and stockbooks with collections of Afghanistan (2 albums), Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Liberia, Japan, Syria, etc. (1,000s). £250-300
  Scandinavia. c.1856-1990 Mainly used collections including Iceland in three albums or stockbooks and loose with a few WW2 censor covers, O.A.S cover from F.P.O 304, postwar issues largely complete used with many F.D.Cs; Greenland in four albums and loose with 1945 5or, 10ore - 5kr used, Liberation overprint 1-7ore used, later issues largely complete with many F.D.Cs, some cancels and commercial covers; Finland in five albums or stockbooks and loose, post-war issues virtually complete with F.D.Cs, commercial covers, Eastern Karelia covers (11); Norway in four albums or stockbooks and loose. (1,000s). £200-250
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Alcohol - Advertising Covers. 1888-1960 Covers (123) and postcards (30, some stationery cards) all with adverts for beers, wines, spirits or breweries, from sixty different countries, many very attractive, an exceptional accumulation. (153). Photo on Page 132. £1,200-1,400
  Covers. A large accumulation of worldwide covers, prestamp to c.1980 with air mails, T.P.Os, maritime, postal stationery, picture postcards, etc. (100s). £400-600
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Orient Express. c.1890-1931 Covers and cards (13) and pieces (2), with piece bearing 40pa on 2½d and red "EXPRESS D'ORIENT" label both cancelled by the "S" obliterator of the British Post Office at Stamboul, 1902-22 covers and cards addressed to Constantinople handstamped "ORIENT-EXPRESS" (6, also a piece, three types of cachet) or "PAR ORIENT-EXPRESS" (2), 1931 late fee cover from London to Wagons-Lits in Vienna bearing a "Golden Arrow, London - Paris Daily, Pullman Limited" label on reverse, etc. Also a few recent commemorative items. (15+). Photo on Pages 74 & 132. £800-1,000
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Postal Stationery. 1895 Leather bound "Imperial Postage Stamp Album - Envelopes & Wrappers", divided into Part I British Empire and Part II Foreign Countries with spaces for cut-outs, reasonably well filled including Ceylon 1857 1d, 2d, 5d - 2/- unused (10 values), Mauritius 1862 9d unused and used, USA 1876 Centenary 3c in the issued colours of red and green (with "6214" French type retta cancels) and unissued colours of blue (boxed cancel, torn) or red on orange paper (French type "6446" retta cancel) with a copy of a 1997 letter from Scott Publishing Co. stating "Thorp-Bartels list an essay in blue, we assume red on orange is also an essay", Austrian Italy, Russia, etc. An attractive album in fine condition, very little removed, a few later cut-outs to c.1930 added on blank pages. (100s). Photo on Page 130. £200-250
  Parcel Post Forms. 1888-1907 Parcel Post Customs labels for parcels to G.B, comprising large Chinese Imperial Post label with Newchwang c.d.s, boxed bilingual "DUTY FREE" and large red bilingual "COMMISSIONER OF CUSTOMS / NEWCHWANG"; Canada label with Ottawa c.d.s bearing a "Parcel Passing through the Post Office, Liverpool" label on piece to the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens; Victoria label (reduced at base) with O.S perfin 1/- + 2/- cancelled at Melbourne; British label with "BRITISH POST OFFICE / CONSTANTINOPLE" c.d.s; Ceylon label with Matara c.d.s; India label with Kulri Bazar c.d.s. bearing an "India Insured Parcel" label applied in London; and a Jamaica label, minor faults. An unusual group. (7). £180-200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Maritime/Railway Cancels. Stamps and pieces in two stockbooks with Paquebot, Sea Post or other maritime cancels, or with T.P.O cancels, maritime items (c.640) including Loose Ship Letter handstamps on Solomon Islands 2d and Australian States, rare "B16" mailboat numeral on India 4a, violet ship handstamps on Solomon Islands and Straits Settlements, French Seapost datestamps on Japan and Hong Kong, "H.M.S" security handstamps on Hong Kong (2), Plymouth to Bristol T.P.O, Barbados Ship Letter datestamp on Trinidad 1d pair, Liverpool Br. Packet, Mobile Boxes, Hong Kong cancels on Macau and Philippines, Hull cancels on Sweden, French, Dutch, German, Japanese and U.S Sea P.Os, etc.; also a second stockbook with worldwide T.P.O cancels (c.670) with Australia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, etc. (c.1,300). Photo on Pages 74 & 130. £300-350
  Postmarks. c.1840-1920 G.B and worldwide postmarks in two large albums, all tragically cut to shape and glued into the albums, the first album all G.B arranged by county with rubbers and skeletons throughout, Channel Islands, Scottish Islands, etc.; the second album with worldwide arranged by country including Ireland, British Colonies, China (Dollar Chop, Customs and Postal Service datestamps, and Customs Mail Matter handstamps), also G.B parcel, triangular, exhibition and T.P.O cancels, British and colonial registration labels and explanatory handstamps. An interesting early postmark collection, some potentially useful reference items. (Many 1,000s). £200-250
  Reply Coupons. 1909-88 International Reply Coupons (c.500) and Commonwealth Reply Coupons (22), the large accumulation from many countries, mainly c.1966-88 but some earlier including first type coupons from Brazil (1000r on 600r surcharge), Denmark, France, Germany, G.B (2), Irish Free State (1924 c.d.s), Norway, Tasmania and USA. A fine lot with many surcharged coupons (many with handstamps or in manuscript), some uprated with stamps, a large proportion from smaller countries with some very unusual countries of origin. (c.520). £300-400
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Cinderellas/Postmarks. An extensive worldwide accumulation of cinderellas and selected cancellations in five stockbooks with advertising labels and poster stamps, forgeries, perfins, wartime propaganda and fundraising labels, philatelic exhibition labels, Officially Sealed labels, also selected cancellations with used abroad, military and railway cancels, some better stamps including Egypt 1935 Silver Jubilee 1pi forces letter stamp, China 1878 3ca on thin paper, etc. (Many 100s). Photo on Pages 16, 74 & 180. £500-600
  Cinderellas. An accumulation including WW2 patriotic labels used on covers (25, mainly British Empire countries), G.B 1915 Mayors Court 9/6 revenue on document, other revenues, poster stamps, Lundy Island, a few proofs, QEII head photos probably used in stamp production, some ephemera, etc. (100s). £300-350
  Cinderellas. Locals, revenues, charity labels, etc., in two albums and loose, including a collection of USA Christmas seals, G.B railway parcel stamps, New Zealand Great Barrier Island triangular 6d blue and 1/- red stamps used on piece, Ruhleben, G.B 1884 Health Exhibition official envelope (faults, front & reverse separated) with fine contents advertising the exhibition, G.B 6d postal fiscal used on piece, etc. (100s). £120-150
Click to view full image... Local Stamps. c.1865-1935 Locals in two albums, the mint and used collection with Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, China, Finland, New Hebrides, La Guayra, Turkey, Morocco, etc., including Wei Hai Wei 5c yellowish green mint, Nanking, Ichang, etc. (581). Photo on Page 180. £400-500
  Local Stamps. A collection in a stockbook with stamps of Denmark, Norway or Sweden (138), Germany (150), China (57), Sedang bogus issues (15), Morocco (33), Suez Canal (10), Swiss hotel posts (8), Turkey (21), Egypt Interpostal Seals (17), Tirol (9), Hamburg forgeries (106), a few Indian States, etc. (680). £200-250
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Railway Stamps. A collection in a stockbook with stamps of Western Australia (30), N.S.W (54), Queensland (78), Victoria (12), South Australia (14), New Zealand (36), Denmark (218), Rhodesia (18), Cape (5), Germany (39), etc. (510). Photo on Pages 16 & 130. £300-350

British Commonwealth

  Various single country collections in albums and stockbooks (17) and on pages, including Newfoundland, Cyprus, Malaya, Transvaal, Canada, Malta, Rhodesia, Ceylon, Hong Kong, etc. (1,000s). £400-500
  The substantial Commonwealth accumulation in 30 stockbooks and 23 albums, many earlier issues, much duplication, viewing recommended. (53 volumes). £700-1,200
  QV-KGV Collections in Ideal albums (2), New Ideal albums (8), Imperial albums (6) or New Imperial albums (4), many with better stamps removed but a lot of reasonable stamps remaining, a substantial lot. (20 albums). £1,000-1,200
  1909-1962 Mainly mint selection on pages including Rhodesia 1909-12 ½d - £1, Gambia 1922-29 set, Falkland Islands 1938-50 1/- - £1 and 1952 set, Falkland Islands Dependencies 1954-62 set, Ascension 1924 4d with broken mainmast variety and 1938 ½d - 10/- (the 12 values issued in 1938), Nyasaland 1938-44 set used, etc., most stamps mounted, otherwise largely fine. S.G. £4,500. (336). £500-600
  Australia & New Zealand. The extensive accumulation of Australian States, Australian Commonwealth and New Zealand in nineteen albums and stockbooks and on pages, many earlier stamps, much duplication, viewing recommended. (1,000s). £400-600
  West Indies - Covers. A large accumulation of covers and cards, prestamp to modern, with first flights and air mails, postal stationery, picture postcards, maritime, censors, village cancels, etc. (100s) £400-600
  1935 Silver Jubilee Covers. 1935 Post Office O.H.M.S covers bearing Silver Jubilee stamps (29) or stampless (5), from 25 countries mainly in the West Indies or Africa, the majority registered, a few bearing complete Silver Jubilee sets. (34). £300-350
  1935 Silver Jubilee Covers. 1935 Post Office O.H.M.S covers bearing Silver Jubilee stamps (40), other stamps (2) or stampless (6), all with original contents enclosed, mainly receipts for orders of Silver Jubilee stamps. An interesting lot from 35 countries, also a Cayman Islands Post Office receipt for Silver Jubilee stamps. (48 covers + 49 enclosures). £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Cancellations. QV-QEII Stamps, pieces and a few covers and cards all collected for their cancellations, the huge quantity in a large stockbook and album including Aden sub-offices on pieces, Barbados numerals and village datestamps, British East Africa Experimental P.O, Bermuda numerals, Hong Kong with treaty ports, tie-prints, 62B (2), Jamaica numerals and datestamps with railway cancels, F.M.S 3c used in Kelantan, Mauritius numerals and village datestamps, Mauritius used in Seychelles (2), British Guiana, 1935 covers with Silver Jubilee issues of Antigua cancelled at All Saints or Barbuda or Leeward Islands issues cancelled at Barbuda (2, one with Southampton registration label), India I.E.F 1a with Mafia cancel, Rhodesia 1d Double Head with Shamrock Mine skeleton c.d.s, etc. An interesting and extensive lot. (1,000s). Photo on Page 74. £600-800
Click to view full image... Revenues. QV-QEII Commonwealth revenues (1,700+), the collection in two large stockbooks with Western Australia (90), Tasmania (26), Queensland (176), N.S.W (183), Victoria (79), New Zealand (123), British Guiana (43), Mauritius (65), Straits Settlements (41), Ceylon (121), India (119), Hong Kong (94), Ireland (60), Cape (121), Natal (30), Transvaal (33), South Africa (90), KUT (46), Canada (178), etc. Also telegraph stamps, and some foreign revenues. An interesting collection, mainly QV or KEVII period with some unusual stamps. (2,000+). Photo on Page 130. £400-500
  Revenue Stamped Paper. 1907 De La Rue Appendix Pages headed "Appendix 8" to "Appendix 14" and all dated "10th April 1907", each page bearing dummy 7/6 stamped paper with Britannia (Minerva) Head design at left and "GOVERNMENT / OF / AFRICA" at right, printed in seven differing colours each with another lithographed reproduction below, presumably produced to show the superiority of the De La Rue printing and the comparison in case of a lithographed forgery. A unique group, the proofs each with a vertical fold, otherwise fine. (14 proofs on 7 appendix pages). £400-500


  1889 (July 15) Cover to Manila franked India 3a, tied by Aden squared circle, a very unusual destination. £160-180
  Perim. 1894 India 1a on 1a6p postcard written from Perim to Amsterdam with Aden squared circle cancel and boxed "TOO LATE" (minor staining), and 1923 picture postcard with KGV ½a + 1a tied by "PERIM" c.d.s, also a 1955 cover. (3). £100-120
  1896 New South Wales 1d postcard to Aden with arrival datestamps of Aden, Aden Camp and "SHEIKOTHMAN / B.O / ARABIA" (Sep 6), vertical fold, minor staining and a N.S.W stamp removed, nevertheless a very rare Sheikh Othman c.d.s, the only recorded example used as an arrival datestamp. £160-180


Click to view full image... 1910-13 Scott Expedition. 1910 (Aug 15) Four page letter written from "St. Simons Bay, South Africa" on notepaper with the printed crest of "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION / TERRA NOVA R.Y.S" depicting a penguin standing on Antarctica, written by James Paton, describing the voyage from Cardiff to Simons Town via Madeira and Cape Verde, the extinguishing of a fire on board caused by the carpenter leaving an unattended kerosene lamp burning, the censuring of the carpenter by Capt. Evans in front of all the crew and expedition members and the birth of puppies on board, the final part of the letter unfortunately missing. With the envelope addressed to Miss Emma Brewer in London bearing two Cape 1d stamps each tied by a Simons Town (Aug 17) c.d.s, the reverse with the printed British Antarctic Expedition Terra Nova crest. A scarce expedition cover written en route to the Antarctic. Photo on Page 132. £1,000-1,200

See lots 6 - 20

(Also see lots 49-56, 83, 162/5, 239/40, 296, 298, 406, 412/3, 504, 612, 709, 772, 834, 1229, 1267)

  1935 Silver Jubilee set of three in mint imprint blocks of four and plate number "1" blocks of four, also 2d corner blocks with plate numbers "1" - "6", and plate "3" blocks from the four sheet corners, two 2d blocks stained, otherwise fine, some unmounted. S.G. £466++. (16 Blocks). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1935 (July 18) Last flight of "Southern Cross" under the command of Charles Kingsford Smith, cover flown from Mascot to Richmond, posted upon arrival franked 2d with flight cachet and vignette, signed by Charles and Mary Kingsford Smith and five other crew, numbered "39". Photo on Page 132. £240-280
Click to view full image... 1938 Jim Broadbent solo flights between England and Australia, cover posted in London (Mar 9) carried on his flight attempt to Australia abandoned after a forced landing at Flores on March 16th, pilot signed, franked 1½d (48 covers flown); and a cover from Darwin (Apr 18) to England franked 2d, carried on his record breaking flight of just 5 day, 4 hrs, 21 mins with a G.B 1½d cancelled upon arrival in London (Apr 23) and violet oval "H.M CUSTOMS / 22 APR 1938 / LYMPNE AIRPORT, HYTHE, KENT" (40 covers flown), both fine and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 132. £240-280

(Also see lots 207/9, 270/1, 283)

  1850-1995 Mint and used collection in eleven (mostly large) stockbooks, a further album and pages with duplicates, useful earlier issues with shades, cancellations, much duplication, also revenues, Lombardy-Venetia, Post Offices abroad, postage dues, military issues, etc, high catalogue value. (1,000s). £400-500
  1860 Entire letters posted within Hungary franked at the 5kr local rate, bearing 1858-59 2kr + 3kr black type II tied by boxed Prag datestamps, or 2kr + 3kr green tied by Szecseny c.d.s, a good pair. (2). £120-150
  1918-21 Postage, Newspaper and Newspaper Express issues overprinted or inscribed "Deutschosterreich", the extensive mainly mint study in two albums with many plate varieties, various perfs, privately perforated newspaper stamps, etc. (Many 100s). £80-100
  Exhibitions & Special Events. 1873-1937 Covers and cards, the fine collection written up on pages including special cancels for the 1873 World Exhibition, 1883 Electronics Exhibition at the Vienna Rotunda, 1888 Jubilee Crafts Exhibition, 1890 Land & Forestry Exhibition arrival datestamps (2) and scarce boxed handstamp used on a telephone card, 1892 International Music Theatre Exhibition (3, also five unused cards), 1893 Tyrolean Provincial Exhibition at Innsbruck, 1894 International Exhibition (4, also two unused cards), 1898 Jubilee Exhibition (7, also seven other cards), 1898 Prague Architectural & Engineering Exhibition (4), 1899 Sandhof-Passeier Festival, 1900 Venice in Vienna (3, also three other cards), 1900 Dornbirn Business Exhibition cachet (also three cards), etc. (c.600). £800-1,000
  Gymnastics - "Turnfest". 1896-1938 Picture postcards, labels and ephemera illustrating the history and postal history of the "Turnfest" German Gymnastics movement, including silver medallions (2), 1902 Linz Kreisturnfestplatz cachet, datestamps for 1912 Prague 6th Sokol Turnfest and similar events in Kornenberg (1921), Linz (1922), Neustadt (1924), Graz (1925) Vienna (1925), Innsbruck (1930), also competitors identification cards, membership cards, many coloured or photographic picture postcards, etc. (c.200). £250-300
  1902-90 Covers and picture postcards with a collection of c.1918-30 patriotic postcards depicting Austrian towns and castles published by the "Deutscher Schul Verein" (159); other postcards including Tyrol and Carinthia Plebiscites (43); a study of "Sondertarif" and other cancels used at Jungholz and three offices in the Kleinwalsertal district which reverted from German to Austrian administration in 1951 but continued to pay internal German postal rates, etc. (379). £150-180
  Philatelic Events. 1909-37 Cards, covers and labels including official cards for German Philatelic Day and Federation Day of German-Austrian Clubs in 1909 (5) or 1911 (5), Vienna Philatelic Exhibitions in 1911 (8, also labels), 1923 (4, also labels) or WIPA 1933 (21, various cancels including Melk-Wien Schiffpost and Schloss Laxenburg Surprise Journey), one cover with various WIPA labels and 50g+50g stamp (S.G. 703, £350, address cut out), International Stamp Dealers Day cancels, Austrian Philatelic Day cancels, etc. (153). £250-300


G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 52) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 21st April 2023 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing Details:
The Offices of Argyll Etkin Limited, 2nd Floor, 1 Wardour St, London, W1D 6PA.
Please contact the office for more details.
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