G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 52) Day 1 of 2
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Date: 20th April 2023 Time: 10:30AM
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Thursday 20th April 2023 - to be sold at 10.30 am

Philatelic Literature, Autographs, Tudway Letters - Antigua & G.B Ship Letters  1 - 21
Cricket - Philately, Autographs & Ephemera, Air Mails  22 - 84
Hospital Ships - The Peter High Collection  85 - 269
Hospital Trains, WW1 Airship Forces, WW2 Far East P.O.W Mail  270 - 301
Great Britain
 Stamps, Booklets, Cinderellas  302 - 372
 Picture Postcards, Postal History - Mixed Lots  373 - 396
 Air Mails  397 - 423
 Cancellations, Christmas, Exhibitions & Special Events  424 - 446
 Frees  447 - 482
 Maritime Mail - Ship Letters, Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet, GB/US Sea P.O  483 - 510
 Falmouth Packets, including Jamaica  511 - 535
 Military & Naval Mail, Mulreadys, Parcel Post, Pictorial Envelopes  536 - 559
 Postage Due Mail  560 - 590
 Postal Stationery, Railways & T.P.Os, Registered Mail  591 - 613
 Returned Letter Office  614 - 632
 Channel Islands - WW2 Occupation & Red Cross Forms  633 - 756
 Cheshire, Cornwall, Devon, London, Staffordshire  757 - 782
 Suffolk - Bury St. Edmunds, Scottish Islands  783 - 804

Friday 21st April 2023 - to be sold at 10.30 am

World & Commonwealth, Mixed Lots - Stamps, Covers & Cinderellas  805 - 840
Aden, Antarctic, Austria, Bahamas, Barbuda  841 - 858
Bermuda - further items from The Dennis Mitton Collection  859 - 1050
Brazil, British Solomon Is., Burma, Canada, Cayman Is., Ceylon  1051 - 1071
China, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Falkland Is., Fiji  1072 - 1087
France, Gambia  1088 - 1104
Germany, including Saar, Colonies & P.O Abroad, Norddeutscher Lloyd  1105 - 1159
Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Greece, Guinea, Honduras, Hong Kong  1160 - 1169
India, including Air Mails  1170 - 1305
Ionian Is., Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan  1306 - 1314
KUT, with fine British East Africa and East Africa Postal Stationery  1315 - 1495
Kuwait, Leeward Is., Levant, Liberia, Malaya, Morocco, Muscat  1496 - 1509
New Guinea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger Coast, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines  1510 - 1517
Portugal & Colonies, with fine Nyassa Company  1518 - 1558
Rhodesia, St. Helena, St. Kitts, Sarawak, Sierra Leone  1559 - 1573
South Africa with Boer War, Southern Rhodesia, Sudan, Sweden  1574 - 1600
Togo  1601 - 1646
Trinidad & Tobago, Zanzibar  1647 - 1674


  Various books including the Edwin Muller handbooks on the cancellations on Austria issues of 1850-67 (2 volumes), British Columbia by G. Wellburn, some older auction catalogues with 1933 Plumridge & Co Colonel Praportchetovitch catalogues bound, etc. (100+). £100-150
  Forgeries. "The Work of Jean de Sperati" published by the British Philatelic Association, 1955, the text and plates in two volumes, number 54 of 500 copies. The first volume with minor foxing, otherwise fine, still a very useful book. Also "Madame Joseph Revisited" by Brian Cartwright, RPSL, 2005. (2). £300-350
  Great Britain books (5) and named auction catalogues (13) including "Postage Stamps of the United Kingdom 1840-90" by W. Westoby (new edition, 1892), 1951-52 Seymour sale catalogues 1-8, 1934 Colonel Bates sale, 1956 H.C.V Adams sale and 1965 Beaumont QV sale. Also 1875 Dr Grey Illustrated Catalogue of Postage Stamps, 6th Edition, hardbound with tooled leather spine, contents very fine; and an S.G. Colour Guide with 100 S.G labels (spilt in two, labels fine). (20). £120-150

(Also see lots 29-40, 42, 47/8, 51, 53-65, 68, 156/7, 538)

  Sarah Siddons. 1814 (May 30) Entire letter written and signed by the actress Sarah Siddons, addressed to "Lady Barrington, Hotel, Hannover Sq", posted within the London 2d Post. A fine two page letter; Siddons regrets Lady Barrington's indisposition which prevented her attending a musical evening, she is now engaged on the business of her poor little Indian babes and the manner of getting their servants sent away. £120-140
Click to view full image... Charles Darwin. c.1850 Cover with a 1d red cancelled by London "68" District Post numeral, "TP / BROMLEY" alongside and a "DOWN" undated circle on the front, addressed in Darwin's handwriting to "Capt. Stokes R.N, 160 Albany St, Regents Park, London". Clearly written at Down House, Darwin's home where he wrote "The Theory of Natural Selection" in 1856, addressed to his friend Capt. John Stokes who travelled with Darwin on the second voyage of H.M.S "Beagle" in 1831-36, the two men sharing a cabin on that famous voyage, during which Darwin formulated his theories on evolution. Photo on Page 6. £250-300


The following 16 lots comprise letters to Charles Tudway in England concerning his estates in Antigua. The letters contain news on the production and shipping of sugar and rum, estate expenses including the buying of slaves, and the arrival and occasional loss of ships. These letters have been recently discovered, and are not recorded in "The Tudway Letters" by Mary Gleadall, or any other literature on this well known correspondence.

Click to view full image... 1752 (Oct 26) Entire letter from Antigua to Charles Tudway in London charged 9d, handstamped "SHIP" (18x5mm) with "19/JA" Bishop Mark. This "SHIP" marking would appear to be Tabeart type S1a of Waterford or Kinsale (both possibly used in Dublin?), a single example of each recorded. A rare and intriguing ship letter, probably landed in Ireland; "SHIP" handstamps are recorded from eleven British ports, eight of which are in Ireland (with the marks of Greenock, Lancaster & Liverpool all being far larger than this handstamp). The letter reports the purchase of 17 seasoned negroes for £523.8.9, the high cost due to the low numbers brought to the island as a result of a large number of French vessels on the coast. Photo on Page 6. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1765 (Aug 31) Entire letter from Antigua to Charles Tudway at Wells "p. Cap. Martin", endorsed "Ship" and charged 8d, with "31/OC" Bishop Mark. A rare early "Ship" endorsement, the port of landing unknown but possibly London, the first London Ship Letter handstamp not recorded until 1766. Photo on Page 6. £150-180
  Bristol. 1767 (June 7/July 7) Entire letters from Antigua to Charles Tudway at Wells, care of James Smith Merchant in Bristol, endorsed "By the Saint Andrew, Capt John Harbison Q.D.C" or "By the Lovely Rebecca, Capt. James Robinson, Q.D.C", the June 7th letter reporting 210 hogsheads sent to England in 1767, listing the 18 ships (and their Captains) upon which they were dispatched, also reporting the purchase of ten young slaves for £30 each. Both handstamped "BRISTOL / SHIP-LRE" (S1, the second with some letters underinked, both first recorded year of use), apparently delivered free of postage. Two very early ship letters. (2). £150-180
  Deal. 1767 (Aug 18) and 1770 (Mar 27) Entire letters from Antigua to Charles Tudway at Wells, care of John Tudway at Charing Cross, London, endorsed "By the Blizard, Capt. Davis Q.D.C" or "By Captain Smith Q.D.C" both handstamped "DEAL / SHIP LRE" (S1 or S2) and Bishop Marks, charged 7d. Two early ship letters, the 1767 letter the first year of use of type S1, this letter unusually endorsed on reverse "Came worn in the bag". (2). £180-220
  Deal / Dover. 1766-69 Entire letters from Antigua, one 1766 (Apr 6) letter to Clement Tudway in Wells endorsed "by Capt Wilson", 1767 (June 4) and 1769 (Apr 27) letters to Charles Tudway, care of John Tudway at Charing Cross, London, endorsed "By the Amherst, Capt. John Parrott Q.D.C" or "Per favour of Captain Young Q.D.C". The 1767 letter handstamped "DEAL / SHIP LRE" (S1, first year of use), the 1766 and 1769 letters handstamped "DOVER / SHIP LRE" (S1a, strikes a little weak in places), all with Bishop Marks. The 1767 letter lists the 18 shipments of sugar sent in the year, with the ships and their captains named; the 1769 letter notes the loss of the "Lovely Rebecca". (3). £180-220
Click to view full image... Haverford West. 1767 (Jan 7) Entire letter from Antigua to Charles Tudway at Wells, care of James Smith Merchant in Bristol, "Per favour of Capt. Songster Q.D.C", with very scarce "HAVER / FORDWEST / SHIP LRE" (S1, a full six years earlier than previously recorded), charged 5d. Probably the earliest known Welsh Ship Letter (with Beaumaris ship letter also recorded in 1767). Photo on Page 6. £400-500
Click to view full image... Portsmouth. 1765 (Oct 4) and 1709 (Sep 21) Entire letters from Antigua to Wells, the first "p. Capt. Tovey Q.D.C" with "PORTSMOUTH /SHIP. LRE" (S1); the second addressed care of John Tudway, Tin-Man at Charing Cross, London "By the Snow Planter, Captn Wolf Q.D.C" with an exhibition quality strike of "PORTSMOUTH / SHIP LRE" (S2) and a "7/DE" Bishop Mark, both ship letters used a year earlier than previously recorded. (2). Photo on Page 6. £200-250
  1752-70 Letters from Antigua to Charles Tudway, some interesting content on estate matters, shipping, news from Antigua with a 1769 (Aug. 23) letter describing the great fire that has destroyed much of St. Johns, etc., no address panels. (87). £600-800
  1753-60 Entire letters from Antigua to Charles Tudway at John Tudways opposite the Mews Gate, Charing Cross, London (three to the "Tin-Man") all with London Bishop Marks, fifteen endorsed via named ship's captains, a few also naming the ship including the "Snow Ball, Capt Robinson", "Snow Molly, Capt. Abraham Harman" and "His Majestys Ship Berwick". Most charged 7d, others charged 5d, 9d or 10d, some apparently delivered free with the charge crossed out. A useful lot with some interesting content on estate matters. (17). £350-400
  1753-65 Entire letters from Antigua to Charles Tudway in Wells, eleven endorsed via named ship's captains, a few also naming the ship including "ye Anne Gally, Capt. Smith", "His Majestys Ship Modeste, Capt. Holawell" and "ye George, Capt. McMirr", fourteen with London Bishop Marks, one other letter hand carried to Wells but then redirected by post to Wedhampton near Devizes with "WELLS" handstamp, most charged 8d, other charged 9d, 10d or 1/3. A useful lot with some interesting content on estate matters. (15). £300-350
  1753-70 Entire letters from Antigua addressed to Charles Tudway in Bristol (10), Wells (9) or London, and five other letters simply addressed to Charles Tudway by name with no town address shown, sixteen endorsed via named ship's captains, a few also naming the ship including "ye Amy & Letitia, Wm Graham via Bristol", "the Snow Capemount, Walker Stroud Master", "the Parham Capt Alwyn" and "the ship Rodney, Capt. Alexander Livingstone", also a 1792 letter to Clement Tudway. Some interesting content on estate matters, French privateers, capture of the "Lovely Rebecca", leasing the Parham estate, etc., all hand delivered. (26). £280-320
  1786 (Dec 5) Entire letter from Antigua to Clement Tudway in London "P. Packet", handstamped "ANTIGUA" (Freeland/Jordan type PD5b), charged 1/-, with London experimental type arrival backstamp of January 31. The Antigua handstamp a little doubled with "TIG underinked, nevertheless quite clear and very scarce. £80-100
  1806-12 Entire letters from Antigua to Clement Tudway in Wells (2, one redirected to London) or London (2) all sent by packet, comprising 1806 (Apr. 29) letter handstamped "TORTOLA / 22 MAY 1808", 1808 (Apr 4) letter handstamped "ANTIGUA / MAR 14 1808" (type PFf with small second "8"), 1809 (Feb 1) letter with large "ANTIGUA" fleuron datestamp (PG1, Mar. 2), 1812 (Oct 10) letter with small "ST KITTS" fleuron datestamp (Oct 12). The 1808-09 letters both endorsed "only double", the first altered from "only single". (4). £200-250
  1807 (Oct 31) Entire letter from Antigua to Clement Tudway in Wells with fine "ANTIGUA / OCT 31 1807" handstamp (type PFa), charged 1/10. £120-150
  1749-1808 Handwritten and printed documents comprising 1749 list of freighters on the "Prince Frederick" and money due for damage sustained during the voyage to Antigua; 1752 receipt for £205 paid for four negroes; 1753 summons to appear at the Court of Common-Pleas in the case of John Addis v Clement Tudway; 1754 receipt for making plans of the Parham plantations; 1769 list of plantation servants and their wages; 1770 list of sugar shipped during the year and plantation stores; 1778 Bill of Lading for sugar shipped to London on the "Blizard"; 1806 list of negroes on the Old Work Estate of Clement Tudway, listing 350 individuals under the headings "under 5 years", "5 to 10 years", "10 to 16 years", "able people", "old people" and "infirm people", with a further list of negroes purchased or died during the year; 1806 account of sugar and rum sold during the year; 1808 sugar sales account. An interesting group. (10). £250-300
Click to view full image... 1794-1815 Entire letters from London (7), Bristol, Falmouth, Northill or Dublin, to Clement Tudway in Wells (6) or London, another four without address panels, the letters to Wells all free of postage, the 1800 letter from Dublin to London with scarce red "S / IRELAND" (Jay 227a, used in London on letters from Ireland arriving on a Sunday, horizontal file fold) and charged 1/4. Interesting content includes 1794 (Sep 18) letter reporting 40 ships from the West India fleet captured by French frigates and three vessels foundered at sea; 1795 (Aug 3) letter reporting the capture of the "John, Capt. Richardson" with 10 hogsheads of Tudway's sugar on board; 1805 (July 9) letter reporting a despatch from Lord Nelson who had reached Barbados, sails for Antigua with troops and will then pursue the French fleet, which has captured the "Diamond Rock"; 1805 (Aug 9) letter reporting heavy losses to the Antigua fleet and Lord Nelson's arrival in the Islands; 1805 (Nov 12) letter with congratulations on Lord Nelson's splendid victory and the capture of a division of the French fleet by Sir Richard Strachan. The 1814 (Dec 13) letter from the ship "Camden" at Falmouth (but posted at Penryn) reports the departure of the fleet from Portsmouth on the 2nd, leaving Torbay on the 5th but having to make for Falmouth on the 8th in heavy gales; 45 ships of the fleet are missing and two have been lost off Scilly. (11). Photo on Page 6. £240-280


The fine collection of cricket related stamps and postal history, autographs, signed covers and ephemera.

  Lord's Cricket Ground - Dark Family. Print depicting James Henry Dark, proprietor of Lords Cricket Ground; 1856 printed receipt from "M. Dark & Sons, Cricket Bat & Stump Manufacturers, Lords Cricket Ground" for balls, bats and stumps, with a covering letter signed by M. Dark (with embossed Lords Ground address), and another 1856 receipt signed by Robert Dark. (4). £100-120
  England. 1829-1970 Postally used covers, cards and an entire letter, including a rare 1829 letter from the Secretary to the Hackney Alliance Cricket Club posted to a Marquee Manufacturer in London enquiring about sizes and prices of Marquees as the cricket club wishes to buy one; 1886-1911 postal stationery postcards with printed messages from cricket clubs (9); QV ½d stationery envelopes with printed headings "Cambridge University Cricket Club - Seasons Arrangements 1901" (2) or "Croydon House of Commons Cricket Match"; 1898 postcard posted in Birmingham with an illustration of a batsman alongside the address; 1916 cover to a soldier at Lords Cricket Ground; 1937 (July 24) postcard with Mobile Post Office A c.d.s used at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, etc. (39). £180-220
  Lord's Cricket Ground/M.C.C. c.1880-98 Letters (2) and a ½d postcard all with differing "MCC Lord's Cricket Ground" printed headings, one 1890 letter from the M.C.C Secretary Henry Perkins regarding engraving the picture of W.G Grace which belongs to the M.C.C, the 1898 postcard from the M.C.C Secretary F.E Lacey. Also a c.1920 M.C.C Christmas card from the M.C.C President and Committee, and 1933-34 M.C.C Christmas card inscribed on the reverse by F.E Lacey to the Wilts C.C.C. (5). £120-150
  M.C.C - Anniversary Dinners. 1897 Centenary Dinner Menu with a fine printed border depicting cricket matches in 1787 and 1887, and the Centenary Dinner Toast List printed on thick card; 1921 130th Anniversary Dinner Menu (held four years later due to the war); and 1937 150th Anniversary Dinner Menu, held at the Savoy Hotel. (4). £120-150
  England & Scotland - Ephemera. c.1855-1936 Ephemera including 1850s printed Borough of Tynemouth Cricket Club letter requesting attendance at the Committee Meeting; 1864 letter on Carlisle Cricket Club notepaper; 1888 letter on Linlithgow County Cricket Club notepaper; 1892 Kent C.C.C printed letter sent with tickets for Canterbury week; 1893 Norfolk C.C.C subscription receipt; 1895 Hepburn Cricket Club concert and dance ticket; c.1890 Knutsford Cricket Club bohemian concert programme; 1887 Hampstead Cricket Club smoking concert programme; 1890 printed receipt from E.J Riley of Accrington, manufacturer of cricket, football and tennis goods; 1888 receipt for cricket gloves; 1898 receipt from James Lillywhite, Frowd & Co, etc., some scarce early items. (28). £180-220
  England - Fixture Cards. 1874-1939 Club fixture cards including 1879 Uxbridge C.C card signed by Gubby Allen, Jim Sims, H.W Leveson-Gower, Ronnie Acid and two others; and cards for 1874 Rochdale C.C (with attached members admission ticket); 1876 Union C.C; 1884 Farnham C.C (split); 1888 Newmarket C.C; 1890 Harrogate College C.C; 1894 Gore Court (Maidstone) C.C; 1903 Streatham Tradesmen's C.C; 1904 Aylsham C.C; 1908 Castle Howard C.C; 1911 Hillington & Flitcham C.C; 1912 Croydon Cricket & Lawn Tennis Club; 1925 Redcar C.C; 1926 Hampshire C.C.C; 1939 Frogs C.C. Also 1919 Saltaire C.C fixture card and season ticket bearing a 6d Excise Revenue stamp, and a cloth club hatband. A scarce group. (17). £220-260
  England - Scorecards. 1894-1936 Cards comprising 1894 Gentleman v Players at Lords Ground showing W.G Grace as the opening batsman for the Gentlemen, complete with all scores; 1894 North v South at the Kennington Oval, complete with all scores; 1902 Devon v Glamorgan at the new County Ground, Exeter; 1920 Eton v Harrow at Lords Cricket Ground; 1936 Nottinghamshire v Lancashire at Trent Bridge. The two 1894 cards with some staining and faults but scarce, both with fixture lists on the reverse which include matches against the South African team. (5). £100-120
Click to view full image... W.G Grace. 1907 (Aug 8) ½d Postcard with printed heading on reverse of the London County Cricket Club at Crystal Palace, the message written and signed by Grace "Can you bowl for us at the Palace at 3.30 on Saturday next against Shepherds Bush. Please reply, W.G Grace", the card heading altered to "Bowling Club", addressed by Grace to R. Pearson in East Dulwich, posted at Sydenham. Heavy vertical fold, some soiling on the front, the autographed message side fine. Photo on Page 6. £100-120
  1913-81 Postcards and letters from famous cricketers, comprising 1913 postcard posted at Kelvedon written and signed by the England and Essex player F.L. Fane; 1954 G.B 1d reply card sent by Godfrey Evans from Grenada during the M.C.C tour of the West Indies; and 1968-81 letters written by Basil D'Oliveira, Herbert Sutcliffe, Harold Larwood (posted from Sydney) or Les Ames. Also 1955 thanksgiving service programme for Larwood, and an original photo of Wilfred Flowers. (8). £100-120
  1933-2001 Letters in an album, from cricketers or concerning cricket, some useful autographs including Alec Bedser, Dennis Amiss, Jack Hobbs, John Edrich, Phil Edmonds, Ian Greig, Richie Benaud, Bob Willis, etc. (75+). £150-200
  Autographs. An album containing autographs, mainly on pieces or pages from autograph books, many more recent signatures on envelopes with a printed cricketer, including Jack Hobbs, H.B.G Austin, Charles Hallows, 1954 Cambridge team, etc. (100+). £100-150
  M.C.C - Presidents/Secretaries. Album containing letters and signatures of M.C.C Presidents, including 1893 card written by Lord Harris, 1917 letter (with cover) from Lord Hawke, signed picture postcard of W.S Cornwallis as Captain of Kent, letters from P.F Warner, Colin Cowdray, Viscount Portal, H.S Altham, Gubby Allen, A. Gilligan, Ronald Aird, Maurice Allan, F.R Brown, S.C Griffith, Hubert Doggart, J. Warr, D. Silk, Tony Lewis, etc. Also letters from M.C.C Secretaries with two letters from R.S Raif Kerr to George Duckworth offering honorary membership (with two associated invitations to Duckworth), etc. (c.56). £200-250
  Autographs - Prime Ministers, Politicians, etc. 1898-2000 Autographs and letters, menus or commemorative covers including Gladstone, Anthony Eden (piece and signed 1937 cover), Ramsey MacDonald (signed 1927 cover), Alfred Milner (piece), Edward Heath (3 Christmas cards), Margaret Thatcher signed photo, Harold Wilson signed menu, Jeremy Thorpe, John Major (letter + signed scorecard), also commemorative covers signed by W. Whitelaw, James Callaghan, Lord Teddor, Leonard Cheshire, Douglas Bader, etc., most signatories apparently M.C.C members. (19). £120-150
  Umpires/Commentators/Illustrators. 1901-96 Signed letters, menus, commemorative covers and ephemera, including 1901 letter signed by Leslie Ward (who drew caricatures for Vanity Fair, including cricketers, under the pseudonym "Spy"), letters from Brian Johnston, covers and a menu signed by Dickie Bird, 1985 Ashes Tour BBC commentators, etc. (22). £100-120
  Signed Menus. 1973-2006 Menus, all signed, including signatures of Geoffrey Boycott, Denis Compton, Jim Laker, John Snow, Derek Randall, Ian Botham, Ted Dexter, Allan Lamb, Godfrey Evans, Harold Larwood, Mike Gatting, Courtney Walsh, David Lloyd, Mike Atherton, etc. (32). £120-150
  Yorkshire. 1906-86 Ephemera and signed covers including two 1932 (June 16) telegrams from Yorkshire players Frank Greenwood or Arthur Sellers to "Holmes and Sutcliffe, Cricket Ground Leyton" congratulating them on their record 555 run opening stand for Yorkshire against Essex; various ephemera with 1906 subscription receipt, printed signatures of the 1938 team, etc.; also 16 covers signed by many players including Len Hutton, David Shepard, Geoffrey Boycott, Sachin Tandulkar, Jim Laker, Harold Rhodes, etc. (27). £120-150
  Autographs - County Sides. 1923-64 Autographs of entire county sides comprising Lancashire 1923 and 1926, Middlesex 1924, Somerset 1932, Nottinghamshire c.1932, Leicestershire 1935, Kent c.1950 (2), Surrey 1952-56 and 1964, Derbyshire 1955. Signatures include George Duckworth, Harold Larwood, Les Ames, Alex & Eric Bedser, Jim Laker, Ken Barrington, Harold Rhodes, Micky Stewart, etc. (11). £220-260
  Autographs - County Sides. 1970-2002 Autographs of county sides on paper (5) or commemorative covers or cards (8, all with special cancels), comprising Lancashire 1984, Leicestershire c.1990 (2), Essex 1987, Sussex 2002, covers signed by Gloucestershire 1970, Derbyshire 1970, Worcestershire 1978 (also a cover signed by the opposition team, Vic Lewis XI), Warwickshire 1982, Kent 1985 (2), Sussex 1989 (2). (14). £120-150
  England - Signed Covers. 1970-2009 Signed covers, virtually all with special cancels, signatures include Colin Cowdrey, Derek Underwood, Alan Knott, Derek Randall, Keith Fletcher, Micky Stewart, David Gower, Ian Botham, Geoffrey Boycott, Denis Compton, the Bedser twins, Tony Greig, Ted Dexter, John Snow, Tom Graveney, John Lever, Andrew Strauss, etc. (107). £350-500
  Ephemera. c.1937-2010 Ephemera, mainly from England but some from Australia and other countries, many tickets, score cards, a few menus, memorial service programmes, etc. (c.250). £150-250
  Tom Graveney Ephemera. 1980-2000 Ephemera named to Tom Graveney, including 1981 M.C.C Honorary Life Membership card, membership cards for Gloucestershire (5) and Queens Park C.C, menus (27) and invitation cards (79), the majority from the M.C.C but others from Australia or the West Indies, Chequers and Wimbledon, 1987 M.C.C Bicentenary menu and invite with accompanying guest list signed by Graveney, 13 menus signed by Graveney or others, also a signed P&O cruise log. (115). £250-300
  Cigarette Cards/Phone Cards/Pins. Four albums containing cigarette cards (575, mainly Wills, Players, Churchmans, Carreras or Millhoff in complete sets), other trade cards or reproduction cards (448), phone cards (77, many limited editions, from G.B, Australia, N.Z, West Indies or Japan), and pins (32, mainly 2006 Australia Ashes collection, two for 1996 England tour of India and Pakistan), also Australian commemorative coins (5) and medallions (3). (1,140). £250-300
  c.1880-1968 Postally used covers and postal stationery postcards including 1888-89 Bermuda ½d postcards from the Garrison C.C (2), 1887-1902 Mauritius 2c postcards with printed messages from the Mauritius C.C (6), 1890 Indian ¼a card from a cricket ball and belt maker in Meerut, 1880s N.S.W 1d card from the University C.C (faults), 1891 Dutch cover with printed heading "Amsterdamsche Cricket - Club Progress", 1889-90 Ceylon 3c cards from Colombo C.C (2), Australia 1928-31 printed covers from various cricket clubs in Victoria (5), 1890-1913 Straits Settlements 1c cards with printed messages from the Singapore C.C (4), 1901-02 covers from an officer in South Africa during the Boer War with enclosed letters mentioning cricket and the M.C.C (2), India 1937 Sangor Island Rocket Post cover containing a miniature page from "The Times of India" with a report on the South Africa v Australia match, 1942 India cover with fine embossed crest of "Vizianogram Raj. Benares" addressed to "W.R Hammond, England Cricketer, British Forces, Cairo", etc. An interesting lot. (43). £300-350
  USA. 1891-1955 Covers, cards and ephemera including 1891 Kings County C.C cover with enclosed letter on headed notepaper and fixture card posted from New York; 1895 2c postcard with printed message from the Merion C.C and a 1914 fixture card for the club; 1898-1904 postally used cricket club envelopes; 1931 cover with duplex cancel of "STUMP / KY"; 1951-55 cards (3) and a piece with cancels of "CRICKET / N.C" (two the final day of use), etc. (15). £120-150
  Picture Postcards. c.1902-30 Cards including Singapore C.C (3), cricket matches in the West Indies, Australia, N.Z, Hong Kong, Africa, etc., 1907 England v S. Australia (2), Kent players (3), Somerset C.C.C badge, etc. (38). £100-120
  Autographs - Test Players. 1971-94 Autographs on cards, menus or commemorative covers (10, most with special cancels) including 28 former England players signatures around a mounted 1984 100 Years of Test Cricket cover; 1992 Royal Household C.C v Vic Lewis C.C signed covers with Windsor Castle c.d.s or special cancel signed by Don Bradman, Colin Cowdrey, Richard Hadlee, Gary Sobers, etc.; 1982 cover signed by the rebel English team to South Africa (Knott, Walmer, Lever, Gooch, Amiss, Willey, Boycott, Underwood, etc.); 1977 Melbourne C.C Test Centenary cover with signatures of eight English slow bowlers; 1993 Ashes Tour with signatures of Paul Getty, John Major and 13 cricketers; 1985 Fred Trueman International XI Caymans Islands Tour brochure and menu both signed by all players; c.1990 England team signatures on card; 1971 Queensland C.C menu for a dinner in honour of World XI with 41 signatures (Lindwall, Graveney, Tony Greig, etc); 1994 Summertime at Lords maximum card signed by Gooch, Graveney, Gatting, May, Boycott, Gower and Carr, etc. (14). £300-350
  Autographs - 1979 I.C.C Trophy. Covers with special cancels for 14 teams, twelve signed by the complete team, comprising Canada, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Denmark, USA, East Africa, Argentina, Fiji, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. (14). £100-120
Click to view full image... New South Wales / Western Australia. 1897 (Feb 1) Cover franked 4d from Sydney to "Mr J. Cottam, Post Office, Coolgardie, W.A" with datestamps of Coolgardie (Feb 9 & 22), "T.P.O EASTERN GOLDFIELDS / W.A" (Feb 6), Dead Letter Office Perth (Mar 20) and Dead Letter Office Sydney (Mar 31). Handstamped "UNCLAIMED", endorsed "Deceased" and "Died in Gov Hospital Clgdie". John Cottam played for N.S.W in 1886-90 and in one test match in 1887; he dies of typhoid fever at Coolgardie on 30th January 1897. Photo on Page 6. £100-120
Click to view full image... Tasmania. 1867 (Oct 18) Mourning cover from Hobart to "Miss Reid, Cricket-Ground, Launceston" franked 4d (2 margins), red "PRE-PAID" despatch and arrival datestamps, and enclosed letter from William Collins. The letter includes "The Cricketers here are all sleeping, only fancy, not one letter has yet been sent to ascertain whether the Victorians will come over or not, I had to get into one of my put on fits of indignation and now they are commencing to move, a letter was to have been sent on Wednesday last, both the grounds however are in a bad state. The new one is hopelessly beyond being fit to play on this season & the old ground will require considerable time & money to prevent the Northern & Victorian Cricketers complaining". The earliest cricket related philatelic item from Tasmania. Photo on Page 12. £200-250
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